Any Man Can Become a Force Of Nature By Converting Knowledge Into Power

Image by: Walter Lim
By Mike Venture

With most things in life, I like to know what’s coming so I can better be prepared. Whether it has to do the future of communication and information, or what new awesome trends we can be part of with visual design, I’m interested.

So in order to help you stay ahead of the game that is life, I make it my goal to bring you the best of the best when it comes to being on top. Unless of course we’re talking about sex.

  • Learn 11 Ways to Strengthen the Relationships That Will Lead You to Success
  • See what powerful option Facebook and email marketers are implementing
  • And what the biggest problems advertisers face when it comes to really knowing their customers
  • Find out the horrifying thing most companies won’t do, but should
  • Get some real life workout advice from Olympic hopeful Seth Weil and The Mountain from Game Of Thrones
  • Along with tips and warnings for cheat day with a guide to the 17 foods you’ll find in any fit guys fridge
  • Then learn how to attract a more conscious woman, as well as some awesome tips for the bedroom that include a little intro to tantric sex
Personal Success Is Really a Marketing Strategy For Yourself

In the article 11 Ways to Strengthen the Relationships That Will Lead You to Success, writer Lolly Daskal explains,

“Our leadership may come from within, but its foundation lies in relationships. Every successful leader knows that relationships are the lifeblood of success. For a business to take off, for a venture to proceed, for an initiative to take strength takes partnership, support, friendship, collegiality. The most significant things we achieve are generally done in relationship with others.”

That might explain why everybody is in such a huff over “personalization.” Over at writer Stewart Rogers talks about it in his piece, Marketers to implement email and Facebook buy buttons in 2016, study finds.

Along with the excitement and opportunity that exists for marketers and startups with this news is what E.J. McGowan, general manager at Campaigner told Rogers,

“Website optimization and personalization are definitely important components of a successful email marketing strategy…However, not focusing on hyper-personalization could be a significant missed opportunity. Creating a highly personalized contact-brand relationship is becoming increasingly important, especially in the age of email overload.”

Similar thoughts on the importance of personalization are found in Most marketers can’t predict the customer journey and admit they aren’t maximizing revenue.

Personalization remains a high priority for marketers…This enables them to become more relevant to customers, which is critical, in light of how customer expectations for personalized experiences have skyrocketed.

And that can be just the reason to branch out and look for niche markets and new customers, like overseas. Writer Martin Koppel explains the fallout from being resistant to global expansion in his piece Want to wake up with flat revenue in 2 years?

You’d be amazed at what might go over big around the globe. Just look at how much the French treasure Jerry Lewis.

Train Like You Mean It Dude

Seth Weil is training to make it onto the USA Men’s Olympic Rowing Team and in order to do that it requires an insane amount of dedication.

And tacos.

Check out The Real-Life Diet of Seth Weil, Olympic Hopeful with a Day Job and see how close you come to eating like a prospective gold medal winner.

If getting into absolute beat mode is more of where you’re at right now then perhaps you might be interested in hearing The Mountain from Game of Thrones Explain How He Got So Damn Big. And by big he means from 231lbs to 396lbs.

I always thought he just ate car engines or people instead of food, huh.

And to help you with any possible cheating disasters check out these two articles:

Then to absolutely make sure you don’t cheat, toss out everything in your fat guy fridge and read what the 17 Foods You’ll Find in Any Fit Guy’s Fridge are instead.

Actually don’t throw away your food, that would be stupid. Invite your friends over and feed it to them!

When I Said Conscious Woman Earlier I Meant More Than Just Awake Guys

It has to do with your frequency levels and it’s all about learning to raise them to find your match. In the article, 4 Truths About Attracting A Conscious Partner you will see exactly how to accomplish that.

And for when you do happen to find that perfect conscious match, you will most definitely want to experience tantric sex. You can learn all about the life changing effects it can have in Tantric Sex 101: What It Is & How To Do It.

Good luck my friends! I hope some of this helps, let me know in the comments!