STOP faking it!

We all know the old saying. Fake it till you make it. And in some of the industries that I’m in, offices are RIFE with people doing just that. Pretending they know what they don’t. Getting in early every day for no reason and with no direction. A crying waste of energy. I mean I…

Entrepreneurship isn’t just for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship isn’t just for entrepreneurs I always knew, felt that a life of entrepreneurship was the only one that fit me. The only time I felt a spark, was in breaking out of what I found mundane. Helping people. Getting creative. Some will get it, some won’t. BUT. There were days where I wanted to…

Branding vs Marketing? What’s more important?

A question popped up again today that aligns with something that’s been on my mind lately. It’s also popped up 5 other times in the last week – everyone I know must read the same blogs! What is more important – Branding or Marketing? ​ The truth is – marketing and branding are synonomous. Symbiotic….

Fear vs Logic, the key to success

Resilience is a simple word with powerful meaning. On the surface it might simply seem like the ability to deal with a constant stream of stress. But I define it a little differently. I see resilience as the ability to maintain logic over emotion. An important distinction in my humble opinion, because it’s not just about ‘surviving’ it’s about being able to thrive.

Goals: BE SPECIFIC with your mindset or fail as an Entrepreneur

The core principle of successfully pursuing Goals is to have a goal in the first place. As an entrepreneur, simply wanting an intangible desire won’t cut it. Let’s think of the definition of a goal. A desired result that a is planned and committed to. It might sound like a no brainier. But I guarantee…