Fun & Unique Options For Cardio

Image by: the Halfwitboy
By Garret Henderson

Cardio isn’t my cup of tea and I’m sure it’s not yours either. Weight training is a lot more enjoyable, allows you to build more muscles, and if done correctly, gives you a cardio workout in itself.

But for those of you that love to be drenched in sweat but you aren’t a fan of running, let’s search other options to burn the same amount of calories without the shin splints.


Now you may be thinking; “how can this be cardio at all?” Well, it’s low impact BUT there is a silver lining. If you do Vinyasa Yoga mixed with 40 minutes of balanced poses… you’ll be drenched in sweat by the time an hour and a half is over.

It will definitely get your heart pumping, will push you to the limits, and make you uncomfortable. It’s all about breathing through it all and fighting through your struggles but push the energy away from your body. You’ll lose quite a bit of calories on top of becoming more flexible.

Kenpo Karate/Karate

I have taken Kenpo Karate for quite a few years now. I believe this is one of my favorites because you are using both punching, kicking, and numerous variations of moves to make you feel like an action hero.

This is another one that can be a 40-60 minute workout and you’ll be crawling up the stairs to the fridge to get some water. Click here if you are interested in learning more about Kenpo Karaoke.


Now if you want to get serious and burn calories beyond what you would achieve with strict cardio… take a Plyometrics class or workout DVD. Not only is Plyo a very intense cardio burn; it involves a TON of jumping and bouncing.

[DISCLAIMER: When working with Plyometrics; eat at least 1 hour BEFORE working out. Do NOT workout right after you eat or you will throw up. (Speaking from experience.) You’ve been warned!]

Now when it comes to Plyometrics… it’s something to be taken very seriously. Because it is so intense, the search engine is packed with disclaimers and risks of doing Plyo workouts. I’m going to inform you of some risks that may be involved with this type of workout routine.

Risks of Plyometrics

First of all, if you have joint issues or you’re in poor physical condition, you are NOT a good candidate for this kind of workout. I would rather to have you take it slow without ruining your joints or just getting into better shape before attempting Plyometrics.

Another risk to this routine is, like with any kind of explosive use of your joints, there are going to be injuries. If you use the same joints over and over, eventually you are going to slip. Lower body knee and hip joints are at high risk for injury.

Just be safe and don’t go overboard by pushing yourself too hard.