A Gentleman’s Guide: The Elegance Of The Perfect Tie

Image by: John Steven Fernandez
By Garret Henderson

When it comes to male accessories; there are two important accessories that comes to mind. In the winter; we discuss the options and different styles of scarves. Scarves are not just for the metro male. It’s not only a way to keep warm. It ties in ways to stay warm, look polished & sophisticated, and enjoy the style that the summer just can’t offer.

The next accessory that is important for a man to own is a tie. Not just any tie though. A tie has to be sophisticated, hand-crafted, and stitched with the elegance & power of a billionaire.

They say that the journey to become a millionaire or a successful businessman is to dress for success. So why not start with just that; excellence. So today; I’m going to introduce you to Sette Neckwear.

What Is Sette Neckwear?

Pure perfection. Sette Neckwear has found a way to perfect the elegance of a tie. Sure, you can go into any department store and find any tie for an event. But there’s something more stunning and more moving when you walk in wearing Sette.

He uses 100% AAA quality Italian silk with every single tie. His company hand sews every single tie. There’s not a single tag or label on the tie at all. All of the information is sewn into the tie. That’s pure elegance. No need to flaunt it but it will definitely turn heads and increase your confidence.

On their website; it states that no other company or tie will ever compare to a Sette. He takes great pride in his empire that he has created.

How Are They Made?

If no tie in the world can compare to his ties… how are they made? I can’t explain it myself – allow the master of his craft to show it to you.

What’s The Best Knot For Your Event?

A lot of men don’t even know how to tie a tie. So if you are unsure of how to tie a tie; make sure you youtube videos on the different kind of knots. The most important thing to know is which style of knot to use for your event.

When attending a wedding or a reception, go with the classic windsor knot. It’s one of the more formal knots out there.

In the business world, the knot you should use the half windsor knot. It’s definitely a knot to use when it comes to a nice jacket and slacks.

If you’re going for a more casual affair but want to wear a tie; try wearing a skinny classic black tie with nice jeans and a button down shirt. Tuck in the shirt as well with a nice belt!

I’m not going to overwhelm you with an insane number of variations of knots. Learn these 3 and you’ll be ahead of the game. Check out this link to learn how to tie a tie.

No matter what; a tie is one of the most important accessories to have in your wardrobe. Learn how to use it, use it well, and own it. You’ll look dapper and you’ll be the talk of the ties.