You Don’t Need Eyes for a Roadtrip … Just Heart

By Richard K. Noots

Two brothers suffering from a degenerative eye disease known as Choroideremia named Justin and Tod Purvis have decided to take life by the proverbial horns. Their mutually shared disease began during childhood, and it slowly makes the sufferer blind as they grow into adulthood. Not wanting to miss out on the sights, the two brothers decided to set off to see the grand American adventure. They’re cruising to see all the sights before the disease finishes what it started at their birth. Anyone can chase their dreams, as long as they just believe in themselves.

Getting Started

Getting started
Image by: Purvis Bros

Where to Begin?!

So much to see
Image by: Purvis Bros

Snakes … Why’d it have to be snakes …

Image by: Purvis Bros

Lunch break!

Image by: Purvis Bros

Warning: Lake May Be Colder Than Appears

Enoying the lake
Image by: Purvis Bros

Vast desert.
Vast Desert
Image by: Purvis Bros

Enjoy that Nevada dirt!

Beauty of Nevada
Image by: Purvis Bros


Taking Pictures of the cliffs
Image by: Purvis Bros

That canyon is pretty grand.

That's quite a grand canyon.
Image by: Purvis Bros

Relax … But it isn’t over yet.

Still so much to see
Image by: Purvis Bros

Want more? Check out their site here. They even have a documentary on Vimeo. It is amazing what we can do when we want to, even if it’s just experiencing life.