Why It’s Important To Hire Overzealous Employees

Image by: CarbonNYC
By Tony Melino

When it comes to your employees, there are crucial people you have to have on your team. You have to have the leaders, the followers, and the entrepreneurial thinkers. On top of that, you need to look for the type A personalities that are also overzealous.

Why is it important to have overzealous employees? Let’s talk about it.

You Can’t Fake Enthusiasm

Go ahead and try asking the ladies about this one. It’s almost impossible to fake enthusiasm. The number one reason why it’s important to hire an overzealous person to a certain position is because they will excel in that position.

They are excited to be in such a position that they know they can do an amazing job at. They love the job title, they love the job description, and there’s no one that will be able to do it better than they can.

Take a position in a sales atmosphere. The person that is more excited will become the most educated on the product because they sincerely love what they are doing. They want to engulf themselves in the whole atmosphere and know all there is to know so they can sell their product.

Breath Of Fresh Air

Another reason why it’s important to bring an overzealous employee in the mix is because it will definitely be a breath of fresh air. They tend to lighten the mood when the atmosphere becomes too heavy. They will also be able to fully grasp everything about their position and be able to assist others with their needs.

This employee will also speak with great passion about his position and the company. This employee holds his standards to high regards and will always be talking about the company. He’s usually the one that is also investing his personal money into the stocks of this company.

They Are Coachable

The third and final reason why you should hire the overzealous type is because they are always coachable. They want to learn from the best. They thrive on knowing more than the average person at the same position knows. They just ultimately want to be the best of the best.

It’s never a bad thing! It will save you money on having to hire training managers. Just give him all there is to know about the position and how to go about training new people. Not only will you be saving your company money, but you’ll also be giving one of your employees a sense of purpose.

At the end of the day; you want employees that are going to love what they do. If they don’t love what they do, at least hire people that will find the joy in holding such a position. That way, the negative attitude won’t poison the rest of the department. Happy employees are productive employees.