It’s Good to Be the King, Become the Master & Creator Of Your Own Destiny

Image by: MikeBird
By Ronnie Toofan

The other day while I was trying to push myself do some advance work, my mind was telling me to check my FB and see who might have messaged me, and my body was convincing me to just relax and watch my favorite TV series. It was crazy, I know, but I’m pretty sure that this happens to all of us.

Because of that internal conflict of interest, I decided to stop working for a moment and just have a conversation with myself to allow me to do what I wanted to do. It sounds weird, but this is my way of overruling my mind and my body to remind everybody who’s in charge and to be able to accomplish all the things I need to in life.

I believe that the highest power you can ever attain is the power over yourself, and with that comes the ability to manage your thoughts and emotions, enforce self-discipline and self-respect, and keep the faith in yourself no matter what life throws at you.

Here’s how you can be the master of your own destiny and make your life what you want it to be.

Put Yourself First

You can’t be of much help to other people when you’re experiencing high levels of stress and you’re distracted by your problems. And though it’s commendable to be of service to others, you’re going to burn out and explode if you don’t take care of yourself.  Sometimes, you have to be a little selfish to be able to replenish your energy and sustain doing meaningful things for others.

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Stop Playing the Blame Game

For years, I felt so sorry for myself for staying with a person who repeatedly caused me pain. I blamed her for all the opportunities I’d lost while we were together. But after we broke up, I wised up and I realized that the reason why I was unhappy was because I couldn’t let her go. It wasn’t about her personal issues, instead I just couldn’t make a decision for myself.

Guys, playing the victim is a way of making your life experiences dependent on other people. To change your circumstances and be stronger in challenging situations, you have to have power over yourself and realize that you are in charge of doing whatever you can with whatever you’ve got.

Writer Mark Denicola raised some good points about taking full responsibility of your life:

• Find strength within yourself to create whatever it is that you are passionate about.
• Your reaction to unwanted and challenging situations dictates how much they are going to impact your life.
• Acknowledge your tendency to distract yourself. The more aware you are the more comfortable you will become in taking action.
• It’s better to be true to yourself and have people hate you, than change yourself and still have a bunch of different people hate you anyways.
• Realize that your life is a collection of decisions you’ve made up to this point.

Drop the People Who Don’t Respect You

Because you’re the king of your own life, you get to decide who stays and who doesn’t. You can choose who you pay attention to, who you invest your time in and who can influence your actions and decisions.

So, start filtering out the people around you. You don’t need the people who don’t support your work or make you a better human being. They are just additional burdens and stress in your life. So, ignore them, ditch them, and drop them as quickly as possible to make room for those who truly care, inspire you to be greater and treat you with respect.

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Writer Alice Oglethorpe assures you that after devoting the next two weeks unleashing your inner Adonis, you will feel pretty good about yourself even if you run into your ex on the street.

Learn to Accept What Is

Instead of focusing on how things should be, cultivate acceptance no matter how difficult or painful it is. Resisting life, its changes and the circumstances it presents, prevents you from playing the master of your own life. It creates unnecessary sufferings for yourself, destroys your ability to see and appreciate what life is and prevents you from finding peace and from becoming truly happy.

In love, for instance, sometimes, you have to let go even if you still love the person to prove to yourself that you are capable of creating your own happiness and that you do not need to rely on someone else to make you feel as though life is worth living.

Embracing change and accepting what is may not be easy, but if you have faith in the universe, you will know that everything happens for the best so that life can give you what you really need and so that you could look forward to a beautiful new beginning.