Start Setting Up Your Future Self With These Life Lessons You Can Put Into Play Right Now

Image by: Huskyherz
By Alvin Martin

Sometimes life lessons often have to be learned the hard way. After I graduated from college, I was so excited to earn my own money and buy whatever I wanted. It’s not that I was deprived by my parents of material things. For me, it was about the freedom to make my own decisions, to do whatever I want to do, and the excitement of being independent.

However, I got too excited and lost control of my spending. I got slightly more than addicted to shopping and didn’t think of its implications on my future. To make a long story short, I was broke AF. And by the time I was getting out of my 20’s, it was embarrassing to not even have a savings account, let alone a plan for how to fix my life.

So, I decided to wise up and change my lifestyle. It wasn’t easy, but every time I would start to feel overwhelmed, I would take pause and remind myself that all the sacrifices I was making would benefit me in time.

Guys, your everyday habits, choices and actions form your future self. It determines who you will become, what you will achieve and how well you will live your life. Here are the things that you need to learn to give your older self the best life possible.

Don’t Make a Problem Bigger Than It Is

Avoid wasting your time creating or blowing up worries and problems that aren’t actually problems, such as exaggerated expectations, baseless fears, self-doubts, and insecurities. Putting yourself in these kinds of negative mindsets consumes your energy, narrows your vision and destroys your dreams, plans, and opportunities.

In love, for instance, many people believe that their relationship is doomed when they’re always fighting. They assume that they have compatibility issues and easily give up on each other.

Sometimes, the problem is not as big as it seems. According to this research study, fighting more than once a week is normal and helps keep the communication lines open. So, there’s really no need to panic and make abrupt decisions when you and your partner can just make an effort to argue in a peaceful manner and talk openly and honestly about things.

The Most Powerful Relationship You’ll Ever Have Is With Yourself

Many people tend to abuse their mind, body and heart. They continue doing things even though they know that it’s not healthy for them. They get wasted every weekend, eat whatever they want and even choose to put up with people who only bring them pain.

Guys, if you continue being cruel to yourself, there’s a great chance that you might be spending your future confined to your bed, completely dependent on your loved ones, useless and unhappy. So, start to be kind and loving to yourself and don’t let the excitement of your youth cause you your well-being. Constantly choose to prioritize your health and find peace within as early as right now.

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No One Really Cares

Do yourself a favor, buddy. Stop being so conscious about what other people think of you, because in reality, no one really cares! Nobody cares about your political opinion, about what you’re wearing and what you’ve eaten today. So, stop thinking about what everyone does, stop pleasing others and stop worrying about what other people think of you because that is none of their business nor is it your concern.

The only person you have to focus on is yourself, your choices, your attitude and your shortcomings – nothing more. Instead of feeling insecure and being a spineless spectator and a follower, divert your energy into something positive, practice self-love and acceptance, make your own decisions and stand up for what you believe in.

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To Live a Life of Passion Is a Privilege That You Need to Earn

Turning your passion into a career is not a right or an expectation. It’s a privilege earned by those who have conquered their fears, left their comfort zone and worked hard three times as much as they have to.

It took me a long to start doing what I loved because I was scared to take risks. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it, that I could be wrong and that I wasn’t good enough to do things on my own. Nobody motivated me to brave up and empower myself. But you, my friend, are reading my work right now. You have been informed so that all you have to do is acknowledge your passion and start aligning it with your life.

Turning your dreams into reality may not be easy but with practice and commitment, you will be able to bring yourself from thinking to becoming.

Guys, there’s no better time than now! Go out there, experience life and learn as much as you can, and as early as you can so that your older self can live the best life, in peace and without regrets.