When It’s Time to Put Childish Ways to Bed, This Is How to Grow-Up For Real

Image by: terimakasih0
By Dave Andrews

My first relationship made me realize that I have some issues about controlling my emotions. I was easily angered when things didn’t go my way or at least according to my expectations. Whenever I was angry, I often said things I would later regret.

I guess being an only child contributed a lot to my behavior. I was used to having my own space; my own little world that I easily felt uncomfortable and threatened in whenever someone would cross my “territory.”

All the time, I thought I was just being me. So, when my girlfriend broke up with me, I was very disappointed. I actually felt betrayed because in my mind, she didn’t love me enough to accept me for who I was.

Now, whenever I look back at the past, I just shake my head for realizing how childish I was before. I don’t have any regrets though because I understand that all of our experiences in life are part growing up and the whole learning process that IS life.

You must learn to accept that disappointment is just part of life and not the entirety of it.

Disappointment is one of life’s most uncomfortable and worst feelings. It’s a product of our mental illusions, unsatisfied desires, and great expectations. When what you’re hoping for is not met, you feel let down and sometimes, betrayed.

But let’s face it, guys. Disappointment is a fact of life and we all just have to deal with it with positivity by choosing to act with love and kindness towards others.

Instead of getting angry, try to ask yourself these 9 questions whenever someone lets you down.

Navigate reality and get into the core of the situation by:

  • Not being judgmental
  • Learning how to empathize
  • Giving yourself some time to process your emotions
  • Focusing on making things right instead of dwelling on your negative emotions
  • Considering the option of receiving professional help

When you give yourself enough space and time to breathe, it becomes much easier to get some perspective and have a better understanding of the situation.

Your actions should be consistently aligned with your purpose and your desired direction.

Everything you do in your life, from the time you wake up to the time you hit the sack, should always serve the purpose of improving yourself and your situation.

At work, for example, you have two choices to increase your output – either you put in more hours or you can decide to just work smarter.

To use your time wisely and purposefully, check this out – “7 Behaviors that Will Make You Insanely Productive.”

Avoid competing with other people and just focus on what you need to accomplish. Don’t waste your time trying to be perfect or trying to please others. Your life shouldn’t revolve around getting everyone’s approval and impressing other people.

Be proactive and not reactive.

Don’t wait for other people to push you forward. Instead, put yourself out there and learn through doing. Lastly, live a simple life. Remove everything that you don’t need.

Being productive isn’t rocket science. You just have to learn to manage your time well, resist temptations and minimize distractions to the best of your ability.

Taking charge of your health and well-being should form a key part of your personal time.

As we grow old, we tend to encounter a lot of health challenges such as heart problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, memory loss, and the list goes on. Therefore, planning for optimum health is a must.

Take responsibility of your health and well-being by observing a healthy lifestyle. This includes doing regular physical activities, getting regular health screenings and eating healthy foods.

And speaking of healthy food, have you ever heard the myriad benefits seaweed can offer?

Including seaweed at least once a week in your meal can help:

• Purify and regulate toxins in your bloodstream
• Improve thyroid and pituitary function
• Reach and maintain healthy weight
• Fight cancer cells

You must have a clear vision of yourself, your goals and your deep desires.

It is important to have your own standard and not depend on others to tell you what you are, and what you need to do. In order to do this, you need to be able to trust yourself to take the right choices and necessary actions.

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Maturity enables you to create the life you desire, to define success in your own terms and to cope whenever you are faced with challenging situations.

Guys, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re unsure whether or not you are mature enough. You’re not alone. In essence, we are all works in progress. We keep on learning and growing until we reach that certain position wherein we can clearly identify what is important and what is needed to live a meaningful life.