Sleeping Your Dreams Away? Here’s How to Get Up, Achieve a Result-Oriented Mindset & Finally Get Things Done!

Image by: Wokandapix
By James Reubin

How many opportunities have you wasted in this lifetime? How many times have you given up on something that you really wanted just because you got tired of it?

My friend Jay inherited a huge amount of money from his parents. We met in the call center industry 5 years ago and he wasn’t always enthusiastic about working for other people.

So when he got his inheritance, he immediately quit his job and pursued what he had always wanted – to open his own business. So, he started a laundry shop, got a good location inside a residential building and had a lot of customers.

The business was doing great until he seemed to lose interest in it.

To cut the story short, my other friend bought out his shop and did some expansion. On the other hand, Jay, who used up almost all of his money on nonsense and supporting his vices, ended up working again as an employee.

Well, I wish I had rich parents like Jay. Anyway, staying focused on our goals and keeping ourselves highly motivated all the time are essential to success. However, it can also be a real struggle.

To help you not lose your momentum and to ensure that you are moving towards your goals and not away from them, here are four steps to make things happen.

Visualize a goal as detailed as possible, what success would look like, what would keep you motivated to get there and the specific actions and sacrifices that you need to do to reach it.

You must have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, the significant changes that you need to do in your life and all the possible roadblocks that you may encounter on the way. You have to prepare yourself for everything, including pain and failure.

Having a clear sense of direction will allow you to focus on the things that you need to do to move closer to your goal every single day.

Founder of Samuel Adams, Jim Koch shares the most useful lesson he learned from his father: “Don’t get distracted.”

For example, you wanted to sell your homemade cookies but you are worried that you might not be able to beat your competition. It’s easy to get discouraged especially when you’re just new to the business. At this point, you have a choice.

Either you move one step back, delay your plans and perhaps just forget about it; or you move one step forward, focus on the quality of your product and continue making your customers love it.

Thinking that your competition has a lot more to offer than you do or just merely being bothered by their presence will make you lose your focus; and when you do, chances are it will take you a lot longer to reach your goal or worse, you might never get there at all.

Act on your goals consistently.

Being consistent means getting things done, all the time, on a regular basis. It means delivering good results regardless of your mood, your schedule or what other people say. It is basically your main strategy to achieve long-term greatness in every aspect of your life, be it about your health, your spirituality or your business.

The piece “10 Confessions From Men That Show They Too Can Be Hopelessly Romantic” clearly presents some good evidence that when it comes to relationship maintenance, consistency is absolutely the key.

It would melt any woman’s heart to be reminded every day how special or beautiful they are – not only during anniversaries or during some sexy time.

You need to keep yourself fueled emotionally and physically so that you will be in perfect condition to deliver your desired results.

Sustaining your motivation and your energy are crucial since goals require time, effort and persistence. During the planning period when taking the initial step towards your dreams, you engage yourself in lots of thinking, working and creating. These activities can drain your energy, leaving you feeling tired and unenthusiastic.

To be able to finish what you’ve started and accomplish all the things on your to-do list, you need to find ways to stay motivated and energized. To keep yourself fueled emotionally, always know where you’re at, what you’ve already accomplished, how far you’ve come and how close you are to reaching your goal.

And to help your body recover, you need to keep yourself fit and healthy by eating these snacks and meals that will replenish all the energy you need.

Never stop learning and improving yourself constantly. Focus on getting better rather than just being good.

Take time to acquire new skills and develop your abilities in making better choices. Defy your own limits and work on broadening your perspective by appreciating your whole journey, both the good side and the bad.

Either you learn to keep up in this fast-paced world or you just stay behind. The choice is yours. But if you choose to immerse yourself in positive change, it would definitely give you an advantage in achieving your goals.

And to help you evolve to become more peaceful, more composed and more spiritually correct person, check this out – “8 Ways Spiritual People Fool Themselves.”

Guys, I hope that I was able to give you some insights to help you achieve you’re your goal and make things happen in your life. Always remember that success is not about what you are but what you do.