Achieve What You’ve Always Wanted & Don’t Ignore The Signs that You’re Ready to Become Who You Really Are

Are there things that are holding you back from making certain changes in your life or stopping you from being true to yourself? Are you scared to leave your comfort zone, take risks, and pursue your real calling?

I don’t think I could ever forget that time in my life when my identity and my self-worth got so tangled in my feelings for a woman that I all but forgot to do what was right.

I met Marge, my ex-girlfriend in the previous company I was working for. She was extremely jealous. She never wanted me to talk to my other female friends, and would always demand that I took her with me every time I went out with the boys. Since I had nothing to hide, it wasn’t a big deal for me.

However, my only dilemma at the time was that I wanted to resign at my company because I wasn’t happy anymore and I really wanted to set up my own business. But I knew I had to delay my plans because of Marge.

Anyway, I thought our relationship was doing fine until one day I received a call from a woman I didn’t know. She told me to tell Marge to stay away from her boyfriend. I was shocked. I didn’t believe her at first until she started sending me photos of my gf with another guy.

To make the long painful story short, Marge eventually admitted her infidelity. I also found out that it had been going on for months. I was devastated. While I was so busy trying to please her, I lost myself.  It took me a while to recover and reclaim myself. After I broke up with Marge, I immediately quit my job, joined my best friend’s startup and gained a sense of purpose and direction in my life.

Guys, when something inside you is pushing you to do something different, when you feel suffocated and exhausted, try not to forget who you really are because there’s a big chance it could help you find your way out. Here are signs that you’re ready to live a life that is aligned with your heart’s desires.

You’re Done With the Old Way of Doing Things

You’re tired of being bored and living day after day without any excitement. You feel the need to do something greater so you’re willing to put the effort in, make changes and try something new.

When starting a business, for instance, most require large up-front investments to get off the ground, but if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can start even without funding. Sometimes, it all about your attitude, your willingness to create opportunities consistent with your desire, and your determination to come up with excellent strategies to make your goals tangible.

You Know It’s Now Or Never

You’re full of energy and optimism to begin a new chapter of your life. If before you were always hesitant and uncertain about yourself and delayed going after the things you want, now you know for sure that it’s time for you to take the spotlight and shine. You are determined to move forward and no one can stop you.

In love, for example, you know you’re ready for marriage when you’ve already lived your life, are willing to settle down with one woman and you can’t imagine being happy with another person. You know it’s now or never.

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You’re Using Your Jealousy to Take Inspired Action

One of the strongest indicators that you’re ready to love yourself more and expand your life is when you can turn your envy or jealousy into motivation. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or hating the other person, you use your feelings as an inspiration to act and pursue your goals.

Do you ever get jealous when you see other men with muscular, perfectly-toned Adonis bodies? Well, I do but I take action by using my insecurity to fuel my desire to get in shape. So, if you also want to achieve a great body, you can try these 3 exercises that build seriously impressive abs.

You Have Matured

You have a deeper perspective about life and integrated it in your own behavior. You’re also more patient because you’ve learned that things don’t always go as planned and that there are certain circumstances that can’t be avoided.  Also, you don’t bottle up your thoughts anymore, get bothered about how others perceive you and make excuses for your mistakes. Instead, you express what’s in your heart, stay true to yourself and take full responsibility of your life.

In my opinion, I don’t think it’s fair to judge the things that you’ve done as a younger person. This is the reason why maturity is an important aspect of becoming who you really are because this is where you can fairly judge or form a conclusion about yourself and your actions.

Guys, the more you’re being true to yourself, the greater your sense of well-being and the more positive you’ll likely feel about living your life.