Here’s How You Can Start Being More Productive Everyday & Learn to Focus On What Really Matters

Image by: VISLOQ
By James Reubin

My friend Donald was a graduate of, coincidentally enough, Hotel and Restaurant Management. It was always his dream to open a small bar and grill. However, due to financial constraints and obligations, he had to set it aside and work on something that paid well instead.

After 2 years of working for the same company, Donald got fed up and decided to quit his job. He told me he realized he was wasting his time and energy on something he didn’t enjoy. He was able to contact 3 of our old college friends and convince them to become his business partners. It was risky, but he finally figured out a way he could start building his dreams and make progress.

I admire Donald for his determination and for being able to find a way to become more productive in his life. Come to think of it, he’s not just working for money anymore he is also working to achieve his life goals.

To help you get the right things done and make real progress in your life, here are 4 ways that will help you focus on what’s essential.

Invest Time on What Adds Value to Your Life

To gain perspective and make smart decisions based on how you spend your time, ask yourself these questions:

• Will this activity add value to my life?
• Will it help me become a better person?
• Will it improve my relationships or any other aspects of my existence?

If your answer is NO, then I guess you have to rethink your choice.

In marriage, for instance, many couples waste their time arguing over nonsense. How many relationships have been ruined because of these useless battles over who is right and wrong? You see, guys, if you want your relationship to last, you should choose to be happy over being “right” because it clearly adds more value in your life.

Writer Kristine Thomason shares essential matters you should invest your time on if you want to avoid marriage failure.

Get Rid Of All Your Crap & Unhealthy Habits

Eliminating clutter in your life gives you more space and time to concentrate on your essential tasks and use your time and energy most efficiently. So instead of wasting your time with activities and habits that don’t serve you, commit yourself to activities that inspire you, develop your life skills and most importantly, make you a better person. Also, don’t forget to make time for yourself. Exercise regularly, go on a vacation to recharge, or spend time with your loved ones.

When you’re running a business, for example, there will tough times when you have to face situations that spin out of control. And as the boss, the challenge is to always stay on point and remain as calm and collected as you can be under any circumstances.

In order to help yourself stay sane and focused, writer Steve Eakin suggests doing these 3 simple routines that will give you confidence, determination and a calm mind.

Destroying stress with something physical works for me. Whenever I make bad decisions for my business or elsewhere in life, I go to the gym and do some kickboxing. So, instead of me blaming myself and beating myself up for my mistake, I just release my anger and come out fully refreshed and ready to take on another day.

Protect Yourself From Distractions & Interruptions

Remove all possible distractions. Log out from your social media accounts and other digital clutter; clear your desk of all unnecessary stuff and ask the people around you kindly not to interrupt you as much as possible while working. In this way, you can allow yourself to truly focus.

I know that working can sometimes be very boring. However, you have to realize that sometimes, tolerating boredom can result in increased productivity. So, to protect yourself from distractions and interruptions, here are a few ways to increase your mind power and make your brain more efficient.

Guys, one of the main keys to productivity is to dominate your life like a boss! When you are truly in charge, distractions won’t get you off course and won’t keep you from doing your best.

Gain Control Over Your Mood

Your mood establishes the tone of your day. No matter how much you want to finish that report you’re writing or accomplish your workout routine, if you’re feeling lazy or mad about something, chances are your momentum and energy will be affected and you’ll just end up staying home and doing nothing. Therefore, it’s important to stay upbeat, optimistic and happy.

Whenever my wife and I have serious arguments, I have a hard time producing positive and inspiring thoughts to write. To shake off my bad mood, I listen to soft yoga-esque music for at least 15 minutes while I’m lying down on my bed with my eyes closed. This helps me relax, gain back control of my emotions and clear my mind of negative thoughts.

And to help you take charge of your mood and fill your day with what really matters, check this out – “5 Quick Life Hacks to Break a Persistent Bad Mood.”

Guys, it’s important that you make a conscious decision to choose the things that are worth your time. It’s not an easy practice, I know, but if you start implementing these habits right now, there’s no doubt that you will eventually achieve your goals and be where you want to be.