No Time Travel Yet, But With These Lessons On Making More Money & Living Healthier You Won’t Need Doc Brown

Image by: Robbie Shade
By John Cace

I sure do love a good time travel movie or book, don’t you guys? I mean how cool would it be to go back in time and visit different historical events and just get into all kinds of crazy hijinks? Not to mention the fact that you could give your younger self all kinds of helpful information.

Ah it’s nice to dream, but really you don’t have to go back in time to create change in your life. You just need some insightful thinking to help you make it happen. Whether you are looking for what matters most in life, trying to get out of debt, or be a healthier human being, I have a few ideas that don’t require you having to fire up the flux capacitor. Although it would still be freaking awesome.

  • You can only go forward from here, but it would have still been nice to have been told this information when you were just a wee lad
  • If you have racked up some debt in your days, here are some ways you can begin the process of obliterating it and start working towards your first million
  • The business card is not dead yet gentlemen, here’s some awesome ideas from creative professionals who know how to stand out
  • Are you doing everything you have been taught on how to lose weight, but have not seen results? Science may have some interesting ideas for you on how else you might win the battle
You might not be able to go back in time, but you can still be better at controlling it

Whether it comes to succeeding in your business goals or your personal ones, it would be nice if there were ways to know ahead of time exactly what to expect. Writer Nelson Wang expresses this sentiment in his piece, 10 things I wish someone had told me when I was 20.

He explains how he wished he would have realized how valuable time was in order to spend it more wisely and get more out of it. You are the one who gets to decide those things, so your decisions should be made based on what you really want.

Be around family and friends more, work on the relationships with the people in your life who matter and learn to more empathetic so the connections you make are deeper and more meaningful. What you learn and experience will be much more valuable than money in the end.

That’s not to say that money is not also a part of the picture, especially if you happen to owe a lot of it to various sources.

To help get out of debt, it takes a lot of hard work on your part, duh John. But when that hard work is part of a strategy then it’s worth it. Take a look at entrepreneur and writer Carol Roth’s piece, How I Went From $40,000 in Debt to a Millionaire by Age 30, to get an idea on how to create that strategy.

First you need a goal. Ask yourself how much money you want to be making by a certain time in order to give yourself a way to continually evaluate your progress. Then aim high when taking positions so you can ALWAYS BE making more money.

Sure you might have to start at the bottom, but don’t waste time with things that won’t help you move up in a timely manner. Some guys stay in the same low paying positions because they are afraid to ask for a raise or promotion. Don’t be one of those guys.

Once you are making good money, save it, pay down debt relentlessly, and invest it.

In other words don’t buy crap you don’t need and avoid status symbol purchases like an expensive car or fancy house. LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS. The day will come when you can indulge in those things and when it does the feeling from having earned them will be so much sweeter.

Then after you pay as much as can each month on your debts, put some away in a retirement account or some other savings that will earn you more. Little by little, the dent you make will become bigger and bigger.

And to give you some creative thoughts on how to design your next business card, check out what these professionals did to help them stand out among their competition.

When diet and exercise are failing you, maybe there is something else happening

In the piece 6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (That Have Nothing To Do With Diet And Exercise)by writer Craig Cooper, you will discover that it could be from all the unnatural things in your life that are hindering your goals.

Environmental toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis, from food, to cleaners, to plastics, to the clothes and furniture you own could be affecting your health.

In order to stay away from harmful toxins, you can make some changes that might help . Going all natural with your food selection, staying away from artificial sweeteners and processed foods, eating pro-biotic foods or supplements, and using glass instead of plastic when you can are some good ways to start.

You might also look at your sleeping habits and stress levels. One feeds off the other and can cause a drop in your metabolism resulting in slower functioning of the processes that help you lose weight.

You’re going to have to really take your time in diagnosing what could be holding you back, but once you know if one or more of these reasons are the cause, you’ll have the power to change it. Without the help of Marty McFly.