See How the Newest Victoria’s Secret Angel Can Teach You to Develop Better Marketing Skills For Your Business

By Jack Day

The gorgeous 22-year-old Josephine Skriver was recently named by Victoria’s Secret as one of their latest beauties to make it to Angel status.

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Just look at how excited Skriver was when she got the news.

While you and I don’t qualify for the coveted Angel classification, we can appreciate and learn from the basic value of achievement. And if you’re not out there utilizing all the avenues available to you to make yourself or your business succeed, then you need to get motivated my friend.

Don’t worry, Josephine is here to help

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The world is open for business twenty four hours a day and that means your customers, your subscribers, your followers, and your competition are too.

Take the phenomenon of pumpkin spice flavored or scented things. I don’t know about you but five years ago I can’t remember anything being pumpkin flavored except the pie and now things smelling or tasting like it are more popular than the actual dessert itself. How did that happen?

Marketing and bandwagoning to the Nth degree. Not to mention very smart techniques used by the companies rolling out pumpkin spice themed products. They know how to work ALL the SOCIAL MEDIA ANGLES and actually read and listen to the people who interact with their postings.

Unless you think your customers are all neurotic and will constantly check for updates about your products or content, you have to be active in letting them know about new stuff. And old stuff too.

So when a giant like Google drops the news that they will be eliminating almost all forms of advertising on the right side of their search results screen, you will know how to adjust your advertising with them. The only kind of ads that will continue to appear will be Product Listing Ads that feature an image and detailed information about specific products that you sell, and knowledge ads.

Plus there will be an additional ad at the top of searches. This is a significant change if you have been doing any of your advertising on Google because now the criteria for your ad appearing after a search will be stricter.

In a statement about the changes Google said they are, “designed for highly commercial queries where the layout is able to provide more relevant results for people searching and better performance for advertisers.”

Now instead of eliminating advertising, you’ll want to know how Facebook plans to start incorporating MORE of it into their Messenger service. It’s already a great way for you to give your customers and audience an easier way to get in touch with you and soon it’ll be able to incorporate mobile advertising.

First though, someone has to have an interaction with a company through Messenger before that company will get privileges to send that person ads.

This is big, especially if you plan to roll out the next hot item in pumpkin spice flavored what have you. Rather than just announcing your big pumpkin spice news or content as a post and hope everyone looking at Facebook will see it; you can build up a database of actual customers to tell directly via Messenger.

And just to let you know, as one of the fastest growing products Facebook has released there is already over 800 million monthly active users of the service.

Of course, as the rules are worked out and this new format is slowly tested, you might have to wait a little while to get in on it. So until it is official, you can work on building better relationships with your people through other Facebook features like audience optimization to target the exact kind of people you want to know about your business.

I know Josephine Skriver might be one of those people

OK, maybe you aren’t quite in the position of your dreams yet. It just means that you need to consider the jobs you take as training for when you’re ready to do your own thing.

If you wanted to create your own chain of upscale restaurants, you obviously need to work up to that point by either going to school or spending your days living, breathing, and sleeping the food service life.

Every dream is different, but the hard work you need to put in to make it happen is constant. So strive to:

  • Go above and beyond the scope of your duties (without causing a problem that is)
  • Be an idea person and no matter how many might get shot down, don’t stop coming up with them
  • Build relationships with your coworkers, bosses, clients, and anyone else you can
  • Get innovative with problem solving
  • Accept any and all new challenges that come your way
  • Ask questions that will give you a deeper, technical understanding of your industry
  • Nourish the experiences you have by stopping to realize the significance of teachable moments

No matter how you get your message out there and make your business goals happen, stay motivated. I think you owe yourself one more picture of the beautiful new Angel in doing so.

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