Need Help In Navigating Your Life? Here’s 4 Ways to Let Your Imagination Fly & Free Your Mind to Do Its Best Work

Image by: qimono
By James Reubin

Way back in college in one of my theater classes, we were asked by our professor to present the history of theater to non-art students in a creative way. The main goal was to make the audience understand how theatre survived from generation to generation and at the same time, avoid making them bored.

Our whole class did some brainstorming and came up with the idea to present the whole thing in the form of a fashion show. I won’t go further in giving all the details of our performance, but the important thing to know is that we successfully caught our audience’s attention, kept them interested all throughout the show, and actually taught them something.

The success of our performance wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s creativity and open-mindedness. This memory inspired me to share some simple steps to help you generate great ideas so that you can always do better in life.

Invest in achieving clarity of mind, as you rely on it the most in navigating your life.

We depend on our minds for everything we do. It is our greatest asset and if your mind is unclear, you are good as nothing. You can get easily stressed and confused and you can also lose your sense of purpose and direction. You won’t be able to think and perform well and reason intelligently.

To achieve clarity you have to get rid of the disturbances and distractions that are bothering your mind such as bad memories, dramas in your life and noise from the outside world. Once you learn to manage your mental junk, you will be able to achieve mental stillness and develop your intelligence.

“The greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity.”

Aside from meditation, you can also try to eliminate energetic disturbances and imbalances through the healing power of sound therapy.

According to Spirit Science, controlling the human energy field through auditory motivations can be life changing and can provide immediate relief of a certain number of health issues such as insomnia, depression, emotional trauma and migraines.

Sometimes, the world whispers gently when it gives you answers; sometimes, opportunities knock very softly, so learn to listen.

When you take time to listen, you can get along with others well and avoid misunderstandings. You won’t miss good opinions and ideas that might be helpful for both your personal and professional life.

When I was a supervisor, I made it a point to always have a weekly meeting with my team to discuss their issues at work and help them find ways to address them. I would always encourage them to freely voice their suggestions and opinions about anything. Listening and paying attention to everything they said made it easier for me to come up with solutions for their problems.

Creativity is all about connecting ideas and experiences to create new things.

To help you create the most innovative ideas for your business, check this out – “How to Brainstorm Like a Googler.”

Veronique Lafargue summarizes the whole process of conceptualizing your new product through productive brainstorming into three simple steps:

• Get to know your market
• Fill in gaps and connect the ideas through “10x thinking”
• Create a prototype so you can actually test and learn from it.

Refresh your outlook by developing your desire to know or learn something.

As the famous saying goes, “Curiosity is the spark behind the spark of every great idea. The future belongs to the curious.” So, don’t hesitate to eliminate your uncertainties and doubts by asking questions, doing some experimentations and taking risks.

In the piece “5 Signs You Need to Further Boost Your Curiosity,” writer Lim Kairen explains that although absolute knowledge is impossible, high levels of curiosity can still help you get to where you want to be in life.

Using the approach of an open mind and trying new things everyday no matter how difficult it is could help you uncover mysteries and solutions to your life’s biggest problems.

Life is one great adventure. It’s all about exploring, getting lost, finding your way back and discovering yourself.

So, don’t be afraid to try something new. You might get a little lost in the process but that’s how you become smarter and stronger: by learning from your mistakes and by not letting your failures stop you from doing what you need to do.

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