The 4 Most Important Things In Life You Should Never Take For Granted

Image by: Unsplash
By Ronnie Toofan

My friend Ryan has been with the same company for almost 8 years. Although he knows that he has outgrown it, he can’t bring himself to leave the place because of some financial issues.

Thank God, he’s still single with no dependents whatsoever! At his age, 36, it’s sad that he doesn’t have any savings at all, but the way he used to live his life was immature and irresponsible. He would spend all his money on parties, new gadgets that he didn’t really need and unnecessary traveling.

Guys, I’m not against “living in the moment” but sometimes, it makes sense to expect the worst and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

About two months ago, during a one-on-one drinking session, I asked him if he had any retirement plans and I also jokingly added, “I hope it’s not suicide.” He laughed but I think it hit him hard because two weeks after that, he was asking me for some small business ideas.

Well, I’m really glad that he came to realize that he needed direction in his life. Aside from saving money for the future, here are other important things in life that we should pay more attention to, to avoid feeling sorry for ourselves in the end.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

You only get one body in a lifetime. If you choose to disrespect it and mess it up through your careless self-indulgence, you’ll surely pay for it sooner or later. It is your obligation to love yourself by taking care of your body and making sure that you’re always healthy and in great shape.

You can do so many wonderful things when you are fit enough to do things that you’re supposed to do and you want to do, mentally and physically. When you are free from any type of sickness and your body is well-conditioned, you’re capable of looking after yourself and maintaining your independence. You can also fulfill your responsibilities and take care of your loved ones.

Aside from exercising regularly and making smart food choices, fasting or not eating for 16 hours can also provide several different health benefits on your body such as:

• Self-renewal or immune system regeneration
• Lower risk of getting Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases
• More stabilized insulin levels
• Slower aging process
• Sharper mind

Greatness is not measured by your educational attainment, your popularity or the amount of money you have in your bank account but by the number of people you serve and made happy in your life.

Believe that you are designed to live for something greater than yourself. Finding your purpose in being of help and of service to others is a life worth living.

In the piece “How Instagram Swelled to 500 Million Users While Others Struggled to Grow,” writer John Paul Titlow explains how “user experience research” plays a great role in Instagram’s success.

Unlike other struggling social networks, IG puts great emphasis on usability and performance, resulting in happier customers and thereby preventing them from using other similar apps.

Now with 500 million monthly active users, IG’s service-oriented success reminds us of one important thing; that it isn’t just about how skilled you are or how good you are with what you do but also what you can do for others.

Time lost can never be recovered so make every moment count.

Making every minute count doesn’t mean that you have to be busy all the time, working and making money. Valuing time is about living your life with a purpose, focusing on what’s important and pursuing your passion.

Also, one way to be productive and make every moment matter is to avoid falling for people who will never love you back.

When it comes to the matters of the heart, some people tend to become a little blind, unstable and unreasonable to the point that they can easily lose their way and fall apart. So, try not to waste your time on someone who shuts you down when things get rough by:

• Learning to say NO in order to protect your happiness
• Keeping a strong sense of boundaries
• Stop playing the hero and saving people. Sometimes, you have to let them figure out themselves how to fix their life.
• Taking your time in finding someone who will look out for you

Aside from having a healthy body and a well-nourished soul, a man must have a sharp mind in order to live a meaningful life.

As you age, your brain’s prowess declines. Your mental acuity gets weaker and your memory becomes poorer. Keeping your brain healthy is essential for performing every single task that you need to accomplish in this lifetime.

To improve your brain’s plasticity and to keep it sharp as you age, check this out – “4 Important Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Grow Older.”

In this piece, writer Raven Fon explains how staying mentally fit not only can benefit your health in numerous ways but it can also lead to higher levels of happiness in your life.

Taking the number one spot is: Learning new skills. Well, you don’t really have to over-complicate this one. You can do this by simply learning to play a new strategy game or by learning to cook a simple dish.