Unlock Your Super Powers By Defying the Odds & Pushing Yourself Beyond the Impossible

Image by: Heartywizard
By Ronnie Toofan

Have you ever assumed that something was impossible and then later on somebody proved you were actually wrong, right in front of your face? How many times have you settled for something less just because you chose to believe that you were unworthy?

If these things happened and are still happening often in your life, I strongly encourage you to explore these so-called impossibilities and try to see where believing in the opposite will get you.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so it’s impossible for us men to really understand women.

It is true that women are one of the world’s greatest mysteries. I am an old-fashioned guy, so I never tried to kiss my wife on the first and second time we went out on a date. I was so crazy about her and serious in pursuing her but I didn’t want to give her the wrong impression. I didn’t want her to think that I was being disrespectful.

On our 3rd dinner date, however, I was surprised when she asked me why I never tried to kiss her. She wondered if there was something wrong with her, like she had bad breath or she wasn’t attractive enough.

So, I had to explain myself to her and assure her that I was just trying to be a gentleman. To make the story short, the night ended with us having our first kiss and us being officially in a relationship.

Women may be a damn mystery, but they are not impossible. You just have to care enough and love her enough to decode her and figure her out.

Writer Sarah Cueto of Elite Daily reveals the secret to understanding and winning a girl’s heart; and surprisingly, it’s not that complicated.

“Feed her without question, feed her often and don’t ever stop.” Unless you’re dating someone who doesn’t like to eat, then you just have to find a different solution.

Keeping her away from the “hanger zone” makes her feel that you truly care for her, you accept her for what she is and you are aware of her needs. So, bro, it’s about time to go out there and feed your girl.

Sometimes, people use the word “impossible” just to excuse themselves from ignorance and laziness.

Let’s face it guys, it’s not always a lack of confidence, but lack of willpower and ambition as well. Most of us prefer to just sit down and wait, get stuck or settle for less rather than getting our butts moving and pursuing our dreams.

In reality, some people just don’t have clear priorities and goals, that’s why they end up wasting their time and unable to take necessary actions. I think that the only solution to this is to learn to take full responsibility of your life.

How long have you been thinking of becoming your own boss? How many excuses do you have NOT to start your own business? If you’ve been dreaming for years and you still haven’t made a single step to come closer to your goal, then you are doing something wrong.

To help you make the first move in achieving the life you’ve always dreamed of, here’s “9 Business Ideas Under $1000 You Can Run From Anywhere.”

Don’t confuse “difficult” with “impossible.” The former only means that you have to work a little harder.

Sorry to tell you this, guys, but there’s no elevator or shortcut to success. Either you take a very high and long flight of stairs or you take the rocky road full of bumps, peaks and valleys to succeed.

So before getting upset whenever you don’t get the results that you want, ask yourself first if you did the work that you’re supposed to do and did you give your 100%.

And speaking of achieving results, here’s an 18-minute workout that hits every last muscle in your body called “Total Body Muscle Tremor.”

By doing these 6 movements that work your whole body, you’ll defy the impossible by gaining those muscles that you desire in no time.

Instead of thinking negatively, challenge your limits, condition your mind that possibilities are endless and believe in your ability to go beyond the ordinary.

Train your mind to set your standards higher and aim higher. If other people can do it, then it is also possible than you can do it too. One of the best tricks here is to surround yourself with people that are better than you, have bigger goals than you and most importantly, who inspire you so that you will get motivated and push yourself to become better.

Self-imposed limitations are all in your mind because you put them there. So, get rid of your limiting beliefs and start believing that you are capable of doing more.

Alexa Erickson of Collective Evolution shares a very interesting story of a man who is living without 90% of his brain.

Aside from challenging scientists around the world about the complexity of the human brain, it also reveals how astonishing and powerful our minds are, that we are capable of learning more than we might think and even under grave circumstances.

So, start conquering your limits today and work on pushing yourself beyond the impossible.