For When the Going Gets Tough, Here’s How to Prepare & Recover For Pretty Much Anything In Life

Image by: momolom
By Alvin Martin

Three years ago, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded devastated a small coastal town that was close to my heart. Homes were destroyed, thousands of people were dead, everything was gone except for one amazing thing – hope.

Despite their great losses, the people of that island got back on their feet, picked up the pieces and moved on with their lives. Their incredible resilience enabled them to brave the storm and withstand an enormous calamity.

Inspired by the strong spirit of the people of who survived that tragedy, here are ways to recover quickly from any misfortune and when nothing ever seems to get better.

Open Your Heart to Change

Although nothing in this life is permanent, one can never be too prepared for change. Therefore, when dealing with things that you have no control of, the best thing to do is to just open your heart and welcome new opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.

When you resist change or allow yourself to be blinded by your doubts, you will get caught up in a vicious cycle that never gets resolved. To avoid this, you should take a pause, open yourself to the potentials of life and let the world of newness and greater experiences blossom.

In your relationship, for instance, if you are not aware of the patterns of your arguments as they arise and if you’re not willing to make some self-adjustments, then you will never be able to resolve your conflicts.

Linda Carroll suggests 4 strategies to change the dynamic of your repetitive fights and eliminate the problem for good.

Be Optimistic & Never Lose Hope

Having a positive outlook in life helps you realize that there’s something good in every day. It allows you to see opportunities that others miss, overcome challenges instead of being discouraged by them and inspire people to look at the brighter side of things.

So, don’t to give up easily and feel sorry for yourself when something goes wrong. Instead, understand the situation, appreciate the lesson and believe that as long as you’re breathing, you always have a chance.

My friend Chris has always struggled with his weight issues but the good thing is, he has never lost hope. He never stopped searching for a certain kind of diet and weight loss strategy that would work for him.  And for all you guys out there who share the same struggle, just hold on and always keep on trying.

Dean Stattmann suggests busting out this fat-burning drill anywhere called the alphabet hop.

As long as you know how to sing your ABC’s, this training system can certainly stimulate fat loss and balance through skipping and jumping.

Always Have a Back-Up Plan

Planning ahead can help you get through the day, but what if things don’t go your way, what if your expectations are not met, and what if there’s an unexpected turn of events, which jeopardizes your current course of action? Even the best laid-plans can go awry, that’s why you should always have Plan B, C or D ready to avoid disappointments and frustrations.

A back-up plan can be your best friend to give you support when you need it most, and the key to creating it is by having some sense of preparedness. It means you have to keep your eyes open to all potential possibilities that come your way and threats that can go unseen and be ready to deal with each crisis as it comes.

In the piece “Can Your Business Stand Up to a Hurricane?” writer Sam Becker emphasizes the importance of getting ahead of the problem instead of just creating last-ditch efforts.

Guys, investing on preparedness or having a back-up plan ready all the time can save you a lot of money and can also help you ward off any potential hazards.

Count Your Blessings, Not Your Problems

Being grateful for everything that you have, including your negative experiences, helps you realize how amazing life is. It allows you to avoid disappointments that only hurt you and make you feel more frustrated.

Learning to be more appreciative takes effort because it’s not always easy to see love and beauty especially when you’re in so much pain.

To help you deal with your emotions and heal, it is important to have a shift in perception and change the effects of your circumstances in your mind by changing your mental filters.

Writer Marianne Williamson explains how most of our sufferings are caused by the projections of our own thoughts. However, this can be transcended by letting go of our bitterness and by choosing to see things in a way that outwits our hatred, frustrations and fears.

Guys, we can’t always stop bad things from happening that’s why it is important to prepare ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. And though it doesn’t guarantee that you will never experience pain, it would surely give you the strength you need to deny its power over you.