Learn Some Ways to Deal With Recurring Problems & How to Remove Them From Your Life For Good

Image by: StockSnap
By Ronnie Toofan

Have you ever found yourself dealing with the same problems over and over again? Don’t you ever wish you could get off that exhausting hamster wheel and finally get some peace of mind?

When my ex-girlfriend and I finally decided to end our relationship, we both believed that we already tried everything and gave our best to make things work. We had been dealing with the same set of crap again and again and we both knew that forcing things would only make it worse.

So, before we lose our respect for one another, we both agreed to break away from these recurring loops that were draining the life out of us.

To help you figure out how to solve repetitive problems, you can try using these 4 steps in your life.

Identifying the Root Cause of the Problem

The first step in breaking out of recurring issues in your life is to determine the underlying causes and  figure things out at a root level. This will help you gain clarity and understanding about the real nature of your problems and allow you to come up with effective and lasting solutions.

However, tracing the origin of the problem can be a little bit tricky because you might get confused identifying the symptoms with the main cause. To differentiate the two, symptoms are the ways the problem manifests itself. Addressing these can provide short-term relief or even a real solution. On the other hand, the main cause is the primary reason why the problem occurred in the first place.

For example, your problem is you don’t feel a sense of fulfillment in your life. The symptoms are you’re always late for work, you never finish your tasks on time and no matter what you try to do, time just seems to constantly slip away for you.

In the piece “How to Organize Your Life by Priority and Not Urgency,” writer Greg Thomas suggests taking a step back, examining the problem closely and identifying where your stress is really coming from.

Putting all the things that you HAVE, NEED and WANT in a list could help you pinpoint the root cause so that you could focus on the issues that you really need to work on to solve your problem for good.

Taking Charge of Your Life

One of the possible reasons why the same problem keeps on happening on a regular basis is that you probably don’t have control of your life. You just keep on going with the flow, taking whatever people do to you and just responding to whatever happens to you instead of cultivating your life, redirecting it to make things better and removing the unnecessary.

To learn more about the actions and steps that you need to take to win back power over your own life, check this out – “8 Ways to Gain Better Control of Your Life.”

Writer Djordje Todorovic emphasizes the importance of accepting yourself, knowing where you stand and learning to rely less on other people in order to gain more control over your struggles and add more organization to your life.

Guys, success is between you and yourself. You should take responsibility of every decision you make and avoid playing the victim and blaming others every time something unfortunate happens as result of your poor choices.

Breaking Your Pattern by Trying Something New

Getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that you wouldn’t normally do can shift things around and produce better outcomes. As the saying goes, if you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’re getting.  So, don’t be afraid to experiment and break away from your old routine to do great things.

And speaking of trying new and interesting things, here are 10 unbelievable technological innovations that will become a regular part of our lives 5-10 years from now.

I would love to have #5 right now. Who doesn’t want to own a phone, a camera, music playlist, a fitness tracker and so much more in one time piece that you can conveniently wear on your wrist?

Don’t Solve the Problem & Just Let Go

Well, if you’ve already tried everything and nothing seems to work, then probably it’s a sign that you should stop and move forward with your life.

In the piece “If These 5 Things Keep Happening In Your Relationship, It Needs to End,” writer Chamarra McCrorey suggests starting a new chapter of your life when:

• There’s lack of trust
• You are not a priority
• Your partner keeps on creating her own problems
• You’re trying to change each other
• You’re not helping each other grow

In my opinion, some problems don’t need to be solved. Sometimes, you just have to let things pass through and let things be. Probably, it wasn’t meant to be solved. Probably, you just have to learn in your heart to let it go away.