Use These 4 Helpful Methods to Help You Stop Negative Attitudes From Ruining Your Life

Image by: RLHyde
By James Reubin

My roommate Jimmy used to borrow money from me on a regular basis. He would get paid twice a month and at least a week before his payday, he would approach me and ask me for some cash, as if I was obligated to do so.

Aside from wanting the borrowing to stop, I was also concerned about his welfare. So, I had a one-on-one conversation with him and it turns out, he had gambling addiction.

Clueless on how to deal with his problem, I just ended up convincing him to seek professional help and referred him to one of my friends who happened to be an expert on the matter.

Our attitude determines our success and happiness. To help you understand how damaging poor attitude can be, here’s a short list that could help put things into perspective.

Making Careless & Irresponsible Decisions

This kind of attitude is dangerous. When you make a choice without thinking about its consequences, either you are stupid or you are selfish. And whether your actions are intentional or not, either way, you could end up hurting a lot of people.

When you’re not mindful enough in your decision making, you will definitely end up in a mess and great trouble.  In planning your finances, for example, if you continue blowing your money like a trumpet and at the same time be completely ignorant towards making any investments for your future, you will certainly have a lot of debts and maybe constantly struggling to pay the bills.

Guys, it’s never too late to change your lifestyle and start being wiser with the choices you make. Begin by helping yourself recover financially.

Check this out – “Best Way to Pay Off Debt – Snowball vs. Avalanche vs. Snowflaking.”

Writer Amy Livingston presents different ways on how you can fix your finances for good. Each approach has its own specific set of pros and cons so you’ll have the opportunity to choose the best option for your current financial situation.

Insensitivity to Other People’s Feelings & Needs

Your actions, no matter how small, can affect other people. Your words, especially when you’re not being careful about them, have the power to put other people down, make them feel insignificant and devalued.

So, be cautious on how you act in certain situations and most importantly, on how you communicate in EVERY situation.

In the piece “6 Communication Mistakes Couples Make When Talking About Sex,” writer Julie Peirano explains how insensitivity can harm your ability to engage your partner romantically and make them feel special.

My wife was very sensitive. I spent my first year of marriage trying to figure out the best way to ask my wife to make love to me without being so sexual. I tried all kinds of things, buying her food, being extra sweet and telling her all kinds of sexy stuff but 99% of the time, it never worked.

So, one night, I brought up the issue to her and we talked about it seriously. After that, we understood each other more.

Guys, for communication to be effective in making relationships work, it is essential that you pay close attention to your partner’s feelings by being sensitive to her needs. In that way, you can show her that you really care and that she is indeed special in your life.

Lack of Self-Discipline to Make Things Happen

One of the most important attitudes for achieving success in life is self-discipline or your ability to delay short term gratification in order to achieve something greater in the future. It is about mastering yourself, controlling your own mind and not allowing other people, your environment, and most especially your own excuses and comfortable laziness to dictate what you need to do.

When you don’t have enough inner strength to fight temptations or things that could easily distract you form achieving your goals, either you’ll end up leaving your work half-baked or unfinished; or you won’t be able to accomplish anything in your life.

My friend Kenny wanted to shed fat, so he put together a strategic weight loss plan. However, after seeing some improvements in his body, he started getting lazy and he started to convince himself that he made it far enough.

The way I see it, no matter how he positioned his words, he surrendered. And he was trying to justify it by telling himself that he’s already made a lot of progress.

In Sam Becker’s piece titled “4 Reasons You’re Never Going to Lose That Last 10 Pounds,” he explains how self-discipline plays a very important role in achieving your fitness goals.

So, break through that final plateau and cross that finish line by having the right attitude and having enough strength to abandon all kinds of activities that can hold you back from getting into shape.

Always Comparing Yourself to Others

One way to be very unfair to yourself is to be insecure. Lack of confidence is an act of self-violation because you are not only insulting yourself but you’re also denying yourself a chance to be happy.

Instead of sinking into that victim mode, you can try to equip yourself with “11 Pieces of Wisdom That Will Get You Through Any Hardship.”

Comparing yourself to others will only screw up your life. It is best to focus on your own situation, concentrate on your own learning experiences, appreciate your own blessings and get rid of other things that are not worth worrying about.