When It’s Time to Make A Change In Your Life, Try a Few Of These Bold Moves to Get You Started

Image by: stokpic
By Ronnie Toofan

There’s usually something that triggers us to make drastic decisions in our lives resulting in a ripple effect of change. In my cousin Troy’s case, it was his father.

My Uncle Jimmy died 7 years ago from complications of ulcerative colitis. His family blamed it on his bad diet and stress. After taking care of his father and witnessing how he suffered from this condition, Troy made a vow to live a healthy lifestyle. He stopped drinking soda, avoided eating processed foods, and made sure he got enough rest after a long day of hard work.

Sometimes, we need to be more aware of what’s going on with our life underneath the surface to recognize what it’s trying to tell us. Here are some signs you have to look out for to know if it’s time to try something new and change your life for the better.

When You Always End Up With Someone Who Treats You Like Crap

In life, you always have a choice. Nobody but you is responsible for your happiness. No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to. So, choose not to allow people to disrespect you. Don’t give them the permission to treat you like a doormat and don’t put up with their lies, poor behavior and unfair treatment.

Respect starts with you. So, value yourself by not settling for anything less than you deserve and by always choosing freedom from people and situations that suck the life out of you.

In the piece “5 Differences Between Real Love And Attachment,” writer Thibaut Meurisse explains the importance of finding someone who stimulates your growth, is focused on making you feel loved and fulfilled, allows you to be true to yourself, and fuels positive changes in you.

So, if you’re in an unsatisfying relationship right now and your partner does not in any way make you a better version of yourself and just restricts your growth as an individual, let go, because that kind of love is not healthy for you.

When You Can’t Produce the Results That You Want

You’re always the victim of the stories you tell yourself. When things don’t go as planned, the first thing you do is hide in your insecurities by pointing fingers and refusing to recognize your contribution to the situation.

My friend, it’s time to give up the blame game and focus on making the necessary choices to produce the results that you want.

Writer Peter Voogd suggests doing the following to stop being your own culprit and blocking your path to success and finally move closer towards achieving your vision:

• Instead of doing 20 things, focus on 3-4 tasks and do them really well.
• Make sure that everything you do has a purpose and an outcome that is worth your time
• Stay on the task until it’s fully completed.
• Figure out what you need to sell yourself on and what you need to sell yourself off from.

In my opinion, once you start doing the things that you are truly passionate about, you’ll never procrastinate ever again.

When Other People’s Happiness Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

You have become a hater. You can’t bring yourself to wish good things for other people or rejoice when blessings come their way. You resent people who seem to have better lives than you.

In social media, for instance, whenever you see your friends go on a grandiose vacation, celebrate their relationships or lose weight and finally get in shape, your initial reaction is to protect your feelings of inadequacy by not clicking “like” or saying something bad about them in your mind. But deep inside, you wish you were in their position and had what they have.

Instead of being bitter and resentful about other people’s happiness and success, choose to let go of jealousy and celebrate your greatness by appreciating and expressing gratitude for all the experiences that made you wiser, for the capacity to endure unfortunate circumstances, and for your power to create a meaningful life by doing the best you can with whatever you have.

And to help you feel good about yourself and start creating a plan for a healthier body and lifestyle, check this out – “3 New Workouts That Burn Fat Fast.”

When You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Were Truly Happy

You’re stuck in a rut. You always feel that something is missing in your life because no matter what you do or how much sleep and rest you get, you still wake up tired and discontent. You have forgotten the last time you put on a genuine smile that came from your heart. In addition, your friends are constantly telling you to take a break from the world, chill, or get over it.

Guys, if you’re not living to your full potential and making real progress, it’s time to leave your comfort zone and start taking actions to live a life that will provide you more fulfillment.

To help guide yourself back into a place of peace and calm, and focus on doing what matters most to you, you should not let your negative thoughts bring you down. Instead you should exhale away your tension, smile more often, be prepared for change and live life courageously.