Do You Feel Small & Insignificant In This This Crazy, Imperfect World? Here’s 4 Of the Best Ways You Can Re-frame Your Power

Image by: Pexels
By Ronnie Toofan

They say dreams are either memories from your past or reflections of your internal desires and your thoughts. Last night, I had a very disturbing one.

I couldn’t remember all the details but what I could recall was a part wherein I was in some kind of a dark tunnel and I was trying to find my way out. I saw a light towards the end of the tunnel but the weird thing was that instead of running towards it, I started running away from it as if I was scared of it. What’s even weirder was that I felt smaller and smaller as the light grew bigger and bigger.

I am not an expert of interpreting dreams but I think it could have something to do with my worries about how I’m running my life. I have been doing some reflecting recently as the New Year is fast-approaching. I was making a mental list of the things that I have accomplished and how far away I am to where I want to be right now. Somehow, it made me feel small and that I haven’t been doing nearly well enough.

Perhaps, my dream was not a distant memory or a result of my rumination. Perhaps, it’s a message pointing me in the right direction, instructing me to run towards the light instead of being afraid of it – that maybe when I try to face it, I won’t feel smaller.

Guys, you may not feel like a force to be reckoned with right now, but there are ways to re-frame your power so that you can feel your depth, strengthen your core and start to grow from within.

Appreciate Flaws & Weaknesses

There’s nothing perfect in this world except for the word “perfect.” Even the most beautiful thing that you can find has its own flaws that make it unique. The thing is that everything living or non-living is designed and created that way.

So, the best thing you can do is to learn to appreciate your life’s and the world’s imperfections. Stop obsessing about fixing them. Instead, love, embrace and own them.

In the piece “The Worst Thing You Can Do In a Relationship is Call Your SO Perfect,” writer Shaun Brown explains how you can only find the perfect person when you realize that there is no such thing.

Guys, you have to embrace humanity by learning to see the beauty in little flaws and by even accepting the things that you can’t understand or else your life could potentially lead to a disaster or be filled with avoidable disappointments, unwanted pressures and feelings of resentment.

Be True to Yourself

Trying to be something you are not just to please others is like giving away your own power. When you value who you are and accept your strengths as well as your weaknesses, you will figure out what defines you, what makes you whole and most importantly, what makes you unique and powerful.

According to writer Steve Tobak, your life will work out fine if you let it unfold organically and stay true to yourself.

This is true, particularly in making career choices. It may be a tough move or a hard choice to follow your passion, but if you’re doing it for the right reasons, you, my friend, are on the right path. If you are really driven to make the most out of your life and make a difference, follow your interests and make your own choices on how you want to live and trust your gut.

Slow Down

It’s so easy to get lost and confused in this busy and fast-paced world. When your life is moving at a breakneck pace, it makes you feel that it’s all just too much. In effect, you lose control and miss the sense of where you are going and why.

One way to reframe your power is to slow things down so you can connect with the present moment, gain clarity of what is truly important, get new ideas flowing and fully enjoy life.

And to help you slow down and appreciate your life more, check this out – “8 Unconventional Meditations for a Busy Lifestyle.”

Adopt a Positive Perspective On Life

This world can be a very confusing place. However, with the right perspective, you can bring clarity, understanding, abundance, happiness and success into your life.

If you bombard yourself with negativity each day like always finding someone to blame when things go wrong, never running out of things to complain about, worrying about unimportant things, not being grateful about what you have, and being unhappy despite some progress in your life, you will be drained, exhausted and unproductive at the end of every day.

So, work on creating a positive mental attitude towards life. Find an opportunity in every obstacle. Control your reactions instead of resisting unavoidable changes. Choose to believe that you are more than enough rather than always comparing yourself to someone else.

Life is all about perception because events are always neutral and it’s you who puts a label on them. Therefore, it’s also up to you to decide whether you want to label your journey as something difficult, unfair and miserable, or see your challenges as a chance to learn, expand and become better.

Guys, it pays to master your own thoughts and stay positive because it enables you to cope better when you’re in a rough situation or when the world seems to be against you.