Building a Better You In 2017 Starts With These Challenges that You Need to Overcome to Make It Happen

Image by: skeeze
By Dave Andrews

At the beginning of 2016, I made a promise to myself to maintain a healthy weight and prevent gaining more fat. I could’ve aimed for a well-chiseled body, grown my muscles and got a six pack, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to make it hard for myself. However, in the back of my mind, I was also afraid that I might fail all together.

So 2016 ended with me being at the same spot as where I was 365 days ago, with no improvement, no significant progress to speak of whatsoever. And though I’m still thankful that I’m in good health and decent shape, I would really like to raise the bar this year and make these hidden abs show.

Guys, I believe that challenges make you sharper and feel more confident about yourself. By stepping outside your comfort zone intentionally, you build courage for exploring unfamiliar territories, discover skills you never thought you had, gain new perspectives, chart your own course, and achieve a sense of freedom and power.

Here are some challenging actions that you need to take to accomplish more things and become a better man this 2017.

The Challenge to Be More Forgiving

This one may sound extreme, especially for people who are easily offended and hurt from it for a long time. I know you have all the reasons in the world to feel that way, to hold onto to resentment and to be emotionally closed off in order to avoid more pain.

But man, you must admit that holding a grudge or harboring hatred is never a good feeling. It poisons your soul and makes you sick. It also imprisons you in the past and makes it harder for you to move on with your life.

However, the thing with forgiveness is that you don’t really have to directly deal with the people who cause you pain. All you have to do is hold them in your mind and wish them happiness and well-being. And yes, even though you believe that they don’t deserve it.

This practice will help you release the burden in your heart, bring you enlightenment, and give you a one of a kind learning experience to heal yourself and dissolve your pain.

The Challenge to Let Go of Your Nasty Habits

The New Year offers a fresh start to prove yourself that you have the capacity and discipline to let go of a few nasty habits that hinder you from achieving more in life. By making a conscious effort to leave unhealthy practices behind and redefine yourself, you can accomplish your dreams and at the same time, make a statement that you can take on the world and make it better.

Here are some awful mindsets that you should fix now if you want this year to be more fulfilling:

• Believing that the world OWES you a good life. If you want success, YOU need to make it happen.
• Comparing yourself to others. Instead of feeling jealous about other people’s success, make them your inspiration and pay more attention to the lessons of your own experiences.
• Wasting time and money on unnecessary and unimportant things.
• Constantly complaining. If something isn’t right, fix it.

The Challenge to Transform Into a Healthier & Fitter You

You’re probably fed up with the simple self-love and self-care advice. So, this year, you might want to take it to the next level by transforming your body into a masterpiece. Awaken the divine power within you by taking some fat off your belly and putting some muscles on your shoulders and arms.

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The Challenge to Be Kinder

It’s not easy to be kind and I know that from plenty of experience. For years, I’ve been dealing with meddling in-laws, difficult colleagues and envious people. And as much as I want to keep my cool all the time, I sometimes snap and burst into anger, frustration and sarcasm – feelings that drain the positive energies in me making me unproductive, sickly and disturbed.

However, after some introspection, I realized that when I hate people, I somehow lose. My world gets smaller and smaller trying to avoid all of them. I become more stressed and unhappy.

Dr. Tara Well emphasizes that change is an inside job. You have to make a conscious effort to appreciate the good and show kindness to others even if they are being horrible to you.

I think to be kinder is hard but it’s not impossible. When you see something good in others, appreciate it. Don’t let the negative outweigh the positive. Try meditating to neutralize your feelings for the people you dislike. In this way, you can build emotional resilience, increase your compassion and create more meaningful social connections.

Guys, I know that these challenges are not easy but I guarantee you that if you give these things a try and do your best in your heart to grow and overcome yourself, you’ll be in a better position this year and you’ll be deeply satisfied with yourself.