4 Ways to Get Your Mental Edge Back from the Digital World

Image by: Antonius
By: Giovanni Fields

Ah, what would we do without technology folks? Good old microwaves, iphones, cars and big screen T.V’s. I mean, we need all that to survive right? How could we possibly  function and thrive as humans without access to the newest reality show? How would we possibly eat without microwaves or toaster ovens!? How are we going to survive the epic scale of boredom without Youtube, T.V, or video games? Well, believe it or not, there are many activities that can be just as fun as Call of Duty that don’t involve wires or electricity.

What is this nonsense I speak of? Well, this nonsense I speak of may consist of outdoor activities, board games/table top rpg’s, or exercise. Yea I know it may be virtually impossible and seemingly unreasonable to put effort into such “manual” activities. I mean who needs to do things themselves anymore when you can rely on hardware to do it for you?

I know this may sound contradictory coming from a person like myself, who spends hours a day in front of a backlit keyboard, but hey…everybody’s gotta make a living somehow.

The truth is humanity has put so much reliance into technology as of late that most of the population has disintegrated into lazy, mindless drones that have completely lost harmony with nature. We lost the concept of moderation and have completely delved into a dark oblivion of entertainment.

I can go on about this all day and all night, maybe even all year, but for now I’ll quell my impending rant and instead suggest ways to get back in touch with your mind, body and spirit.

#1) Board Games

So you heard they call board games board games because they are boring right? Well, that’s a great pun (That I just happened to improvise) but it is completely erroneous. In my humble opinion, I believe there is little more entertaining than an intense game of monopoly with all your loved ones. And the best part of these types of games is their reliable. You don’t need electricity to operate them, you don’t need wires to plug them in, and you don’t need controllers. You are the controller!

I’m aware that it may seem needlessly inconvenient to downgrade from angry birds or Madden football to cardboard, dice and a deck of cards, but hey, you’re reading this post for a reason right? I’m just here to give you a few suggestions on some fun ways to become the least bit independent of technology. So here are five examples of modern board games that don’t completely suck: Game of thrones, Agricola, Cards against humanity (my personal fave), Trijan, and Small world.

#2) Books

I know it may seem quite tempting to have the painful and expensive operation to have the Direct T.V remote surgically removed from your hand in favor of a dusty old book, but do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in television because it requires no effort whatsoever, while reading involves the strenuous act of turning pages, holding the book, and straining your eyes. I know, it sounds rough, but you’d be surprised with how much sharper your mine will be after just a few paragraphs. Your vocabulary skills will increase, your arms and eyes will get a nice workout, and your intellectual fortitude will top the scale!

#3) Exercise

The reason why exercise is so great is because it is scientifically proven to be healthy, fun, and beneficial to your body and mind. And, like board games and books, requires no cords or cables—only one bit of complex machinery: Your amazing body!

Yea I know that was a bit corny, but it’s the truth—your body is by far the most complex bit of technology nature has ever spawned. We have entire systems of blood and organs that coincide with each other to make sure that flesh machine of yours is functioning properly.

Exercise, is the ideal way to relieve stress, stay in shape, and hone your mind (which happens to be a part of your body).

#4) Outdoor Activities

Why risk being eaten alive by a bear when you can just barricade yourself in your apartment and browse the web for hours on end? I asked myself the same question before my first time hiking. At first I was hesitant, but while in the situation I found it to be one of the most tranquil experiences I’d ever had.

All day we’re surrounded by cars, high rise buildings, billboards and commercials. The peace and serenity that comes along with an occasional outdoor gathering is unmatched by anything that a television or a computer can offer—and yes, that does include porn.

Hiking doesn’t have to be the only option, though. Camping, fishing, horseback riding, or skiing can be just as rewarding. Just make sure you utilize the proper safety precautions. The last thing you’d want would be to return to civilization having been disfigured by that hungry bear.

Got any other ideas about how technology is effectively distracting us from ourselves? Disagree with us and think video games, computers and television are our lord and savior? Well fell free to express your mind and share below!