4 Ways to Get Fit Without The Gym

Image by: Everkinetic
By Nick Weller

It seems there are two work-out crowds. There’s the go-to-the-gym crowd, and there’s the running and bicycle crowd. What if going to a gym is not your thing? And what if you’d rather not ride a bike all day to get a workout in? because you’re not into those activities does not mean you can’t get fit and stay in shape.

Body weight and gravity are wonderful strength building agents, and there are a number of great conditioning and strength exercises you can do anywhere, anytime; without the need for equipment, a bike, or even the trendiest workout clothing.

Try one of these five excellent workout options to keep your body looking good, and increase your energy.

1. Press ups are a stable and powerfully effective exercise. Don’t discount the time-honored workout. Do two sets of 50 in quick succession. For added effectiveness bring your hands in, just inside your shoulders to increase the arm workout with a diamond press. Or, decrease the point of contact on the floor, and left a leg, doing the press ups with on leg keeping you anchored.

2. Squats are awesome lower-body exercises. Lowering your body down to the floor increases elasticity in your leg muscles, increasing the potential for explosive strength. To add to the overall effect on the body, do your squats with your arms raised, straight over your head. This posture stretches out the body, and applies more pressure to the muscles doing the work in the squat. Two sets of 15 to 20 reps should be a nice combination within your quick regime.

3. Donkey kicks are wonderful for your legs and abdomen, without having a negative impact on knees or your back. You don’t need anything but the room to do them. For added effect, it’s good to decrease your contact with the floor. Raise and arm off the ground, stretched out in front; you’re anchoring with only one leg and one arm on the floor—then kick your leg out, and extend it straight back and arch your back. Hold the position for a moment, feel the muscles work. Then bring the leg back in, curled up against your chest.

4. Crunches are a powerful way to keep your stomach fit. All you need is a wall to brace your feet up, or furniture to support your raised legs. Two motions is better than one with a crunch so you may want to alternate on lifts, touching your left knee with your right elbow and right knee to left elbow, rotating your mid-section. The key is to keep your motions compact and tight. An ideal set is 50 reps, unless you are focused on cultivating the hard-core six-pack: then it’s good to work up to sets of 100 reps.

5. Lunges with a twist are a potent part of the non-gym routine. If you increase the body motion during the lunge with a twist of the hips, arms stretched out to the side, you get an added workout on the abs. Two sets of 30 is a good beginning pace.