Get Twitter Traffic – How To Generate 100’s Of Visitors Per Day From Twitter

Image by: rosauraochoa
By Fabian Tan

Are you looking to get Twitter traffic to generate exposure for your business? Well, now is just about the right time to start using Twitter to ramp up your online web traffic. Recently, Twitter has undergone a massive popularity revival again. You can ride on the site’s popularity to get Twitter traffic to your business as well.

You may have heard about Charlie Sheen’s exploits and his unpredictable posts on Twitter. Sheen started his account at the beginning of March 2011 and has already amassed 2.8 million followers in just 2 weeks (at the time of writing this article). He is also far ahead for having the most followers per tweet. This shows the power of Twitter as a real-time information gathering and sharing tool.

After the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the number of Tweets from the country reached a peak of 1,200 per minute. Tweets from London and New York also hit 1,000 per minute during the disaster. Worried people also used Twitter to find out if their loved ones were safe as telephone lines were down. This terrible tragedy managed to highlight how Twitter is an extremely powerful communication tool.

Lest we forget, Twitter is still one of the most visited sites on the Internet. It is currently the 9th most visited website on the Internet according to Alexa. Now let’s look at some tips to tap into this traffic goldmine:

Tip #1: Get A Cool Background

To get visitors to be attracted to your Twitter page, you need a cool background. Obviously, this also ties in with having a relevant and easy-to-remember Twitter username and an interesting bio.

You can look for cool backgrounds just by searching for ‘Twitter backgrounds’ on Google. Many of the sites providing Twitter backgrounds can also design a customized background for you if you desire.

Tip #2: Post Tweets With Value

This almost goes without saying doesn’t it? If you intend to use Twitter as a business and communications tool with your followers, prospects and the public, you need to post tweets that are valuable, and not just inane stuff.

Sure, if you are a celebrity, you can get away with posting what you had for breakfast and have your followers hanging on to your every word, but if you are not, you need a plan. Tweets of value can be links to interesting and relevant content, new product announcements, special offers and coupon codes for your products.

Tip #3: Proactively Generate Followers

Again, unless you are a celebrity, you won’t get followers out of nothing so you have to do something to generate followers. The easiest way to do this is to start following the followers of mavens in your market. Mavens are authority figures in your market who have long, established followers. Once you follow the followers of these authority figures, many will start following back and you will grow a large base of followers. However, you should not follow more than a few hundred people per day, as Twitter looks down on people who follow too many other people aggressively in one day.

Tip #4: Get Your Tweets Re-Tweeted Like Crazy

The key to getting your Tweets to become viral is to get them re-tweeted like crazy. To do this, you need to be active in your account so people will pay attention to you and more importantly, you need to post tweets that are natural “link bait”.

In the search engine optimization world where experts optimize their sites to gain top search engine rankings, link bait refers to any content that people feel the urge to link to, because the content is either very entertaining or helpful. The trick is to post tweets that have links to this type of content. You can also post tweets that do not have links but contain content that people will want to re-tweet to their followers.

Tip #5: Tweet During Prime Times

One of the surest ways to get more exposure for your Tweets is to tweet during what I call prime times. These are periods where Twitter users are most active. If most of your followers and prospects are in the USA, these times are usually in the morning Eastern Time, and in the night time Easter Time. So to get the best results, you will want to tweet during 8am to 11am EST, and 8pm to 12am EST. You can use the same times for the time zone you are targeting.

Tip #6: Make Connections With Other Twitter Users

Twitter is called a social network, so make connections with your followers. Respond to their tweets and ask for the opinions of your followers from time to time. Re-tweet good posts that you see and more people will start to pay attention to your own posts. It’s simple, if you re-tweet other people’s posts, they are more likely to re-tweet yours later on. It’s the law of reciprocity.

Tip #7: Use Twitter To Build Your Own Email List

Twitter is one of the best tools around for generating leads for your business. It is not a sound idea to promote links to direct sales pages and attempt to make the sale there and then, unless your followers are already your customers (in which case, you can post coupon codes or links to your products and make sales). Therefore, you will want to get your followers on to your own email list where you can follow-up with them on your content and offers.

Now go ahead and get Twitter traffic for your business!

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