4 Ways to Avoid Chafing & Sweat Rashes this Summer

Image by: Zauberin
By Robert Spencer

Summer is wonderful: hot girls in bikinis, sunshine, camping, fishing, hiking, shorts, hitting the beach… Unfortunately, summer also brings chafing, and sweat rashes. If you’ve dealt with this uncomfortable problem before, you know that once chafing starts, it can be a painful experience.

In order to avoid chafing and sweat rashes this summer (while you’re working and/or exercising), consider these three tips on preventing chafing and some extra tips about how to treat chafing.

#1) Wearing the Right Clothes

There are a lot of moisture wicking clothing options if you’re working or going hiking. Remember not to workout in clothes that are made of cotton. Compression shorts (bicyclists are seen wearing them all of the time) help with chafing when it comes to your thighs rubbing together.

If you can get away with it, consider wearing less. If you’re out running, put on some waterproof sunblock and run without a shirt. If you don’t feel comfortable with running without a shirt, consider wearing a “sportsbra”. I know, it sounds funny but they do make some specifically for men because (if you’ve gone through it, you know) when you’re running with a shirt on, your nipples can chafe.

If your job requires that you sweat a lot (or if your office just doesn’t have air conditioning), wear boxer briefs to help keep your thighs from rubbing up against fabric or against each other.

#2) Using a Lubricant

Most specialists would suggest that you use petroleum jelly as a lubricant but it has a tendency of ruining things like wetsuits so for some people, that’s not an option. There are special products out on the market right now which are specifically designed to be put on as an added layer of protection between you and your clothing (or you and yourself – depending on what you’re wearing).

BodyGlide is a great company that has specific products for various uses: feet, running, swimming, under wet suits, cycling, even specifically for women. The great thing about their products are that they are non-greasy, affordable, and specialized for various uses.

Uberlube makes lubrication for a number of things (including sports). Their products are long-lasting (about four hours) and also works to protect your hair from damage when you’re swimming. It’s also non-greasy.

Squeaky Cheeks prevents chafing, wicks moisture, helps to cool and keep you energized, and helps eliminate odor. It also smells minty, which is a plus.

#3) Keep Skin Dry

Keep your skin dry by using baby powder or corn starch in places where you tend to sweat or rub. Consider putting some on your inner thighs arms, sides, and chest. Start with those areas but know that every person is different so you may need to apply to other areas of your body.

This tip isn’t just for exercising either. I suggest that you sprinkle some on yourself before you go to work or before you go out and run some errands, if you know that you’ll be sweating a lot.

#4) Treating Chafing

Don’t ignore it. It will only get worse and more irritated if you do. Rub some petroleum jelly on the afflicted area. If the petroleum jelly stings, you may need to get some medicated cream from your doctor. Also, give yourself some time to heal before you exercise again.

Remember that prevention is key. While you may be unable to prevent some chafing (even if you take these steps), taking the initiative to prevent chafing and sweat rashes from forming is the best step.

Now it’s your turn. How do you avoid chafing in the summer? Do you have any home remedies to share with the other readers? Have you tried any of these products? Do you recommend other products? We’d love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, share them in the comments section below.