6 Useful Tips for Excelling Outside Your Comfort Zone

Image by: geralt
By Dexter Lunde

While at your job, you may come across some subjects and tasks that are a little outside your comfort zone. It happens to everyone. A lot of us just push through it and we realize that it wasn’t as bad as we assumed. However, there are some of us out there who are afraid of failing if they step outside their comfort zones.

For those people (or for those who need just a little healthy push), here are some useful tips for excelling at subjects and tasks that are outside your comfort zones.

#1) Use the Strengths of Your Team Members

Your team is your biggest asset and for most businessmen, they look past it because they want to be able to do things themselves. If you want something done right,… right? Well, the great thing about having a diversity of members on your team is that they come with diverse talents and strengths. If there is a task that hinders on a trait that you consider to be one of your weaknesses, pass it along to someone else. Chances are, someone on your team will excel at this task.

People enjoy being helpful. Highlighting your team members’ strengths will help empower them, make them realize that they are needed, and will strengthen their loyalty to you and to your business.

#2) “What’s Next on My Docket?”

Sometimes we have to do something that just isn’t our strength or a task which we consider unpleasant. That may be paperwork, making sales calls, calling people who owe you money, etc. Whether if it is unpleasant or if it is just something that you’re not good at, you’re going to have to do these tasks on your own. So put it in your schedule during a time when you are at your peak condition.

If you know that you go through a 2 or 3PM slump, don’t plan these unpleasant tasks then. Plan them when you are normally in a good mood. Perhaps you’re a morning person so that means that you’re planning these things first thing (after your morning cup of coffee). Whatever works best for you…

#3) Read Something Out of the Ordinary

Reading new material (fiction or non-fiction) that is something that you don’t normally read will allow you to be more open to new ideas. Read non-industry related material. On your business blog, ask your readers for their favorite books. Ask your team members for their favorites.

#4) Look at Your Partners Differently

Don’t look at your team members as subordinates. Don’t treat them like you’re the manager of a Quick-E-Mart and they are mere clerks. They are a vital part of your team and your work family. As such, their opinions are just as important as your business partners and your stock holders. They are all invested in your business and they all want it to thrive.

This will make it easier for you to ask them for their opinions and input. It will also make it easier for you to delegate tasks to them.

Also, you should be building these work relationships on their performance and not by the conversations that you have around the water cooler.

#5) It’s Not Perfect

You may think that your product is perfect but your customers will find imperfections everywhere. While the research and development of your product may be something that you don’t like to delve in (“It was fine the way that it was!”), it is necessary. Your customers are the ones who are buying your products so you have to find ways to fix or deal with the issues that they discover.

#6) Keep Growing

You will eventually run across a task that you are unprepared for. To lessen the occurrences of these events, you should always be learning about your market, your field of expertise (it is my opinion that no one is never a true expert because things are always changing and evolving), and business practices in general.

This is one of the things that you’re going to have to power through.

Now it’s your turn. What do you do when you run across a task that you don’t want to have to do? What tasks do you find unpleasant? When you feel as though you are under-qualified for a task, how do you prepare yourself for it? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Share your knowledge with your fellow readers and connect.