4 Foods To Consume After A Workout

Image by: Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography
By Kurt Garrity

You just crushed it at the gym. That elliptical machine was your bitch. You feel phenomenal. But your job is not done, sweatpants – now you must refuel your body and rebuild that muscle tissue with foods that contain the right mix of vitamins and nutrients.

By eating the right foods at the right time, you will actually improve the effects of that tough workout you just endured. The first 6o minutes after a workout are critical. After about and hour to an hour-and-a-half post workout, the body starts breaking down your meal differently.

Take advantage of your body’s strengths to maximize your fitness potential.

You should also plan ahead – the last thing anybody wants to do after a workout is slave over a hot stove.

1 – “Recovery” Drink

Experts recommend that you consume a drink that has carbohydrates and protein immediately after a workout session. There are many ready-to-drink products on the market that will work just fine. Or, you can make your own from mixes and powders procured from a walk-in health food store or via an online equivalent.

Make sure that if your workout lasted longer than 60 minutes – by the way, nice job – that your post-workout “recovery drink” should have at least 40 grams of carbs and 16-18 grams of protein.

2 – Brown Rice

Nothing like one of Earth’s staple foods to get you going again, and also aid in your physical bounce-back after a brutal uphill run on the treadmill. And brown rice is one of the better options, as it is loaded with carbs, fiber and other fresh essentials you won’t find in processed food products. Health experts and trainers recommend that you eat carbohydrates within one hour of your workout to get the most benefit.

3 – Fish Or Fowl

The other important thing that you need to get into your body after a workout is protein. And eating grilled or roasted fish and chicken is a great way to give the body what it needs. Stay away from any sauces or other meal dress-ups that will get in the way, the leaner the better. You just gave your body a gift, now follow that up with a proper refueling.

4 – Veggie Tales

A spinach salad with a little bit of olive oil is a nice addition to the items mentioned above. Also, steamed green beans or some other lightly prepared vegetable will add a lot of needed vitamins to the mix.