Tailored Suits Are A Must For The Successful Man

Image by: hamron
By Phillip K. Issa

If you want to be successful, you have to look the part. And nothing says intelligence, power and success like a custom-tailored suit. Associates and clients will simply respect you more when you’re confident and well-packaged in a tailored number.

“It establishes one’s “rank” just as does the uniform of a General in the military,” says long-time West Coast tailor-to-the-successful Greg Chapman, by way way of his “Our Philosophy” section on his website.

And in business, you know that gaining the upper hand is crucial, especially when it comes to negotiations. The rich materials and clean crisp lines of a hand-made suit really hypnotizes them.

NOTE: You will hear the more sophisticated tailors and clothes aficionados use the term “bespoke” when describing highly customized tailoring. It is an old tailor’s term used when a material had been already picked out by a client, and now represents the customer’s intimate involvement with the creation of the garment.

Material Witness

Perhaps the most important ingredient of a custom-tailored suit is the materials, including the linings and stitching. Good tailors take the materials they use very seriously. Some even go as far as to consider themselves fine cloth merchants who just happen to make suits, or something like that.

“Along with our own expertise, personal attention, and know-how, what we’re actually selling is fabric and cloth,” explains Alan Levine, Senior Vice President, Merchandising at Astor & Black.

Levin says that, “Our clients should know as much as possible about what goes into making the cloth that goes into making the suits that they are being fitted for.”

Finding A Tailor

This is the tricky part – guys who love their clothes do not want to give up the name of their tailor, especially to people that they might be spending a lot of time around. You can try asking your friends and business associates, but most won’t budge.

They may even be a little annoyed that you asked, so be careful who you ask.

Of course, you can always hit the Internet and find plenty of tailoring chains and regional heroes to make you a suit. And that is totally fine, they will probably make you a beautiful suit. They are absolutely great at what they do.

But there’s something about a man venturing out on his own and finding a world-class tailor that he can keep all to himself. My dad would get post cards in the mail from this Asian tailor who traveled the world measuring men for suits in hotel rooms. Then, weeks later, a shipment would arrive and he would have his suits. Perfect. Clean. Neat.

The search for a world-class tailor can be a grueling and intimidating process. But it can also quite rewarding at the end of it all, especially when you are wearing that holy grail of a suit.