3 Ways To Reduce Workout Injuries

Image by: Lars Plougmann
By Kurt Garrity

For many of you, working out is essential to your daily routine, your lifestyle. And why not – you stay fit, active and more attractive to the opposite sex. But your workout can also leave you with a lifetime of pain or hideous scars from surgery.

Not you, iron man? Don’t be so sure. Between 1991-1998, there were more than 30,000 emergency room injuries just from running and exercise. And those poor souls are just recovering from a torn this or an inflamed that.

If your body is sore, it may be telling you something. Take it down a notch, sweat socks, and see a doctor before that limp turns into a gimp.

1 – Change It Up

Many of us like to pick one sport or workout activity and stick with it … for years. That’s how injuries happen, folks. They are called “repetitive stress injuries” and they are the sore, nagging Achilles’ heel of cardio. And you were wondering why, after ten years of working that rowing machine, suddenly your shoulder hurts. It’s called cross-training and you need to get into it.

2 – Proper Stretching

I know, you have time time for warming up and stretching. Well, you’ll have plenty of time when you are on crutches. There’s a reason you see those sprinters getting loose and limber before they get busy – it keeps them from getting injured. Gold medalist Usain Bolt says it is a good idea. You should listen to him. He’s awesome.

3 – Increase Your Workout Intensity By Steps, Not Leaps

We all want to look and feel good. But it won’t all happen at once. Patience, please. Gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts to limit the amount of unhealthy stress you put on your body parts. The body is amazing when it comes to recovery, but sudden shocks are a different story. Bad things can happen when the body goes into emergency mode.