3 Well-Known Fitness Myths That You Need To Forget

Image by: Chris Bodine
By Kurt Garrity

You’ve heard them for years around the water cooler and at the gym. Some would even consider them gospel. At some random moment, a very wise man would pipe up, impart his hand-me-down knowledge on those who gathered, and all would be better for it. Or so they thought.

As it turns out, some of those helpful hints were just a bunch of baloney.

Well, true believers, the day of reckoning is upon you. Those tried and true workout “theories” were just that – reasonable assumptions torn to shreds by data and facts. But don’t fret sweat vet, it is not the end of the world. You can adjust. You are strong like bull.

1 – Work Out Everyday For The Best Results!

This one can really cost you. Your body needs ample time to recover and rebuild your body – you know, all of that shape and tone stuff you are after. But you have to leave it alone for a while, so it can work its magic. Rebuilding takes time. Ask the people of New Orleans.

But don’t get me wrong – you can workout everyday. Just don’t focus on the same muscle groups every time.

2 – Heat Equals More Calories Burned!

You’ve heard it so many times – the hotter you are, the more calories you burn. And we’re not talking about the studly kind of hot here either, we’re talking about temperature. Heat. Warmth. And for eons we’ve heard that a hot body burns the bad stuff away faster. Well guess what sweat lodge, it just simply isn’t true.

That’s right – just because you are sweating more or working out in a hot room, that doesn’t mean you are burning more calories.

3 – Exercising Is An All-Or-Nothing Proposition!

You think that if you can’t work out regularly, why bother? You would be wrong to think that way. So, so wrong. Any activity is welcome to keep the body fit, says fitness experts, even if you can run or workout for five or ten minutes. Your body needs to be pushed every now and again, you just don’t need to push it so hard.