3 Hot Business Shoes You May Have Missed

Image by: Public Domain Photo
By Phillip K. Issa

Men’s business shoes haven’t really gone through that much of a change since businesses starting putting up that “no shoes, no service” sign. Sure, there are retro styles and futuristic cuts out there, but the differences are all really so subtle. But you know what? That’s OK, because in general, business footwear choice is no place to “go rougue” and make some sort of  outrageous fashion statement.

But don’t tell that to the fashionistas and shoe makers who think they can force their Crayola color palettes into the boardroom. Over the last couple of years, the sheer volume of no-way-in-hell shoe styles has increased exponentially. Previously conservative cobblers are now bending over backwards to make the most obnoxious kicks they can.

Hey bozo – those brightly-colored shoes made of tennis ball material might win you dates at the county fair, but they won’t get you anywhere near the boardroom. You need classic, sophisticated business shoes that say successful man … not partytime clown. Who wants to sign a million-dollar deal with a guy wearing bowling shoes?

Yes, big-time style comes with a big-time price. But that’s OK, because you are a man who wants the finer things in life.

1 – Salvatore Ferragamo “Corrado” ($500)

These shoes are wicked, I say. These Italian-made stunners may be a little hard to get fitted for properly – according to some reviews – but boy are they pretty. Like the sleak sports cars that have famously come from Italy, the Corrado model is all about culture and class. These loafers feature a leather upper, a moc toe, tonal stitching, leather lining and a subtly placed Salvatore Ferragamo logo.

2 – Vivienne Westwood “MAN Barker Derby Boot” ($1000)

These English boots from Vivienne Westwood are a sheer joy to behold. With a throwback vibe and tasteful finish welcome anywhere, the Man Barker Derbys give you that extra boot kick without the spurs. They feature a leather upper, a lace closure, an asymmetrical cap toe and beautiful pinking.

3 – Alexander McQueen “Cap Toe Oxford” ($750)

You won’t be able to stop looking at your feet while you’re wearing these Italian stallions by Alexander McQueen. The classic elegance of the Cap Toe Oxford is due in no small part to the fine leather upper, perforated details, leather lining and, of course, that snazzy cap toe.