3 Techniques For Healthier Man Skin!

Image by: Aveda Corporation
By Kurt Garrity

Men are rugged. We like great adventure and take meaningful risks with real consequences. We brave extreme temperatures, conditions and climates, many times without the proper protective products in place.

Scrapes and scars are not blemishes, but badges of courage. To our skin we are not kind. It’s no surprise then that the average male’s skin is a bit rough around the edges.

Well, gentlemen – it is high time you gave your skin some long-needed attention. Try these three techniques and you will notice the difference right away. And so will that lady – or ladies – in your life.

1 – Moisturizing Doesn’t Make You A Wuss

While some guys will cry “pansy” if you even say the word “moisturize” in a sentence, let alone mention it on your to do list, you need to face facts gentlemen – it pays to moisturize. From head to toe, your skin needs something to keep it soft, flexible and healthy.

Don’t go for the oil-based stuff, however. Use an oil-free product for general use and rotate the oil-based product once every three days.

2 – Use Sunscreen Twice As Often

You may just be going out for a walk in the park, but you could also expose your skin to harmful or damaging amounts of sunlight. Skin cancer is real as it gets, guys.

Quick improvement: Start using sunscreen (at least) twice as often as you normally would, especially during the sun sensitive months.

3 – Wash Your Face Before You Shave

Guess what? All of that oil builds up over night or during the day, causing all kinds of havoc on the surface of your skin. You need to zero out your skin – meaning remove all oil and build-up – before you even reach for the razor.

In the end, you’ll end up with fewer nicks and cuts, your shave will be oh-so-close. Warning: Do not over-clean your face or “dig in” – you can do damage. Also, keep the face hydrated so as to avoid problematic ingrown hairs.