It’s Time To Maximize Your PPC Spend

Image by: Ismar Badzic
By Gordon J. Pruitt

In this day and age of online advertising and robust ad messaging systems such as Google AdWords, tweaking your marketing campaign can be quick, easy and done from the comfort of your favorite pajamas.

Much like Mr. Eyeball Face-Head above, you can see everything so clearly.

But with all of that power, comes great responsibility – just a mere check box here or a word change there can mean the difference between amazing success and horrible failure.

Like right now, for instance – you are in the middle of an AdWords campaign to drive traffic to your affiliates site and you’d like to get the best return on you pay-per-click dollar. But how do you maximize that spend and get the most for your coin?

Here are a few tips:


Google allows you to revisit customers that have already clicked on one of your ads before with super-targeted ad messages designed to lure them back for more. If done right, remarketing has proven itself to be a valuable part of any new campaign’s SOP.

All Hail Sitelinks

If you are an avid purchaser of advertising through AdWords and aren’t yet familiar with sitelinks then you better get friendly real quick. Sitelinks are those other links in your AdWords ad besides the main link, the little ones that are more specific, even tailored to the browser.

The masters at Google sing the praises of sitelinks, and so should you.

With sitelinks you can – all from within the same ad and without any additional costs – link to other pages or direct products on your site. Studies have shown that a robust sitelinks strategy will boost your click-through rate (and who doesn’t want that?).

Message In A Bottle (Rocket)

One way to cut costs and increase revenue for your web-traffic business is to fine-tune your marketing message. Really dig into your text and tone, tweaking and shaping it as the data comes in.

Also, take a gander at what your competitors are up to and emulate things you like, or, better yet, leap frog over their message with something bigger, bolder and more clickable. You like clickable.

Consequently, your ad spend stays the same while your revenue sees an uptick and consequently you are making good money … again.

Google Analytics

Google provides some pretty amazing tools for online advertisers and, hands down, one of the most valuable is Google Analytics. This powerful data crunching solution empowers the user to first, aggregate all of the pertinent campaign data and second, provide an easy way to implement this knowledge across the spectrum of Google products.

The bottom line: Google gives you the tools you need to succeed, you just have to take the time to learn them before you can use them to your financial advantage.