3 Reasons Why Hitting the Road Can be a Good Destressor

Image by: William Warby

By: Ken Lucas

We’ve all been at that point in life where you just want to get away. Perhaps your wife or girlfriend is berating you about every single one of your inconsisties. Or maybe your job is demanding you to do the impossible, all while threatening to fire you if you don’t live up to the enormous task.

It could be a number of things in life that you just want to escape from, and today, I’m going to offer a suggestion that just might devoid you of all–or at least some of your worries.

Hit the road, Jack! And don’t come back no more, no more, no more, no more!

I’m sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. I mean you knew it was coming, right? Yes, hit the road indeed. Drive to the nearest gas station and fill up the tank, change your phone to silent mode, bring a change of clothes or two and just go…

Drive until you can’t drive anymore. Allow all your thoughts to collect themselves and fortify your piece of mind. Why do I need to do this, you ask? Well, you don’t necessarily have to do anything, but if you would like to relieve some stress, I’d suggest you heed my advice.

#1) Alone Time 

People underestimate the value and importance of alone time. These days we are made to believe that if we don’t invest every second of our time into climbing the social ladder then we are either “Lame” or “Boring.”

Being a writer, I have been branded these titles countless times, but from personal experience I can tell you that some of the greatest moments of my life have occurred while I was alone. And no, I am not making a reference to climaxes via internet porn, get your mind out the gutter!

But what’s the point of alone time? Well, alone time is necessary for figuring out who you are as a person. If you’re constantly surrounded by various influences such as people and their ridiculous standards, commercials and technology, then you are allowing your environment to dictate who you think you are based on their own suggestions and preconceptions.

I know, a little confusing, right? Basically what I’m trying to say is that alone time helps develop your mental strength and capacity to understand yourself better. This will in turn, will hopefully increase confidence, peace of mind, and reduce unwanted stress.

And what better way to be alone than in the middle of a desert road surrounded by tumbleweeds and hungry hyenas?

 #2) Change of Routine/Scenery

We have to admit, after so long of repeating the same humdrum tasks over and over, month after month, we eventually find ourselves sick from monotony. You work, you take a few classes, you have the same boring sex with the same average looking woman, you go to sleep and do it all over.

After repeating this cycle so many times you may find yourself stuck inside a box that you can’t escape, like a gold fish in a chintzy acquarium–decorated, sustainable and comfortable–but also a prison that is inescapable.

Nobody wants to feel stuck in one environment for too long when there are so many beautiful places to explore on this wonderful planet earth.

If you’re a city boy living out a blue collar life, you may find a trip to the boondocks–quite refreshing in contrast to the congestion a metropolitan area produces. It may seem pointless, or a waste of time to get in your car and drive dozens of miles for the sake of scenery, but doing such a thing may change your outlook on your lifestyle and allow you to have a more objective view on things.

#3) Sense of Control

As men, we often need to remind ourselves that we’re the ones in charge, and if we want to spend a couple night’s at a tavern in the boonies then we damn sure better do it!

While I would recommended perhaps taking a couple vacation days to fulfill your manly desires, I wouldn’t suggest you take it over board, quitting your job and becoming a nomad–unless you do extensive research (Their is a rapidly growing RVing community spreading across America that may be able to answer all your questions.)

It might seem a little juvenile to plan a small road trip for the sake of feeling in charge, but with bosses, wives or whatever else that may have you wrapped in their clutches, it is necessary to live with the knowledge that you are capable of doing what you want at any given moment. The confidence you may gain from this may even translate to new ideas in the workplace and more vigor in the bedroom with your “average looking woman.” Okay, i’m sorry–above average. Jeez, don’t have a cow…

Thinking about becoming a nomad, or are you merely interested in getting away for the weekend? Don’t be selfish, Share your plans for the weekend.