You Won’t Believe What Jerkface Made This Art

By Richard K. Noots

The Jerkface who made this art is nicknamed Jerkface, and he has something he wants to share with you. Jerkface spent 30 days dropping a new art project everyday. I mean, sure, I could technically do that as well, but it wouldn’t be nearly as great. I mean, this guy is inspired by Bansky himself, so you know he knows what he’s doing. Jerkface has been perfecting his craft, and shows no signs of stopping. Hopefully, one day people will be inspired by this Jerkface, am I right?

Nice bridge.

Can’t see his own hypocrisy in Monopoly.
cant see monopoly


Does anyone else see a bunch of pen- Nevermind.
does any one see penises

Like the way he did Dennis’s hair.
love the way he did dennnissss haairiririri

The Turtle slowly disappears.
pixelated turtle

So smurfed on right now.
so smurfed on right now

Too cool for school.
too cool for school

Winnie that Pooh!
winnie dat pooh