When This Little Boy’s Best Friend Lost Everything, He Knew He Had to Do Something to Help

By Jack Day

When you’re young it’s hard to process tragedy sometimes, you’re brain ain’t done cookin’ yet. But the basics are working and that is exactly what motivated 7 year old Kollin Clark to do something for his best friend Ryan Branson when his families home in Normandy, MO burned down in February. The fire destroyed 30 homes, including Ryan’s and his families along with all of Ryan’s precious toys. And you all know how important your toys are at that age, it’s all you have in the world!

So after Kollin heard about his friend’s misfortune he decided he could not sit by and watch his friend suffer. He enlisted the help of his mother, Jessica, and together the two made a Facebook page calling for donations for the family. Since the page has been up over $11,000 has rolled in for the family. In time both Ryan and Kollin are hoping that life gets back to normal for the family, with a few new toys in the mix. If you want to help out you can visit the GoFundMe page here and see how you can contribute.

Sometime all it takes is a little compassion, a little empathy, and a lot of love to make a huge difference in another person’s life. Have there been any times in your life when you were in one of these youngsters position? Please share your stories and experiences!