Working Hard But Still Coming Up Short? Here’s the One Thing You Absolutely Need to Change

Image by: Unsplash
By James Reubin

Chris used to manage his own small construction company and make good money doing it. However, when a big competition entered the scene, business slowed down and he eventually ended up closing.

He didn’t struggle with money though. In fact, he used some of his savings to buy a second hand vehicle that he used to start a new business – a taxi operation.

In his first 2 years as a taxi operator, he hired a couple of drivers to work for him, but he was never satisfied with their performance so he decided to just drive himself.

The business was actually doing great, but he always complained about how hard it is to be out on the road. The other day he was complaining about the heavy traffic, the day before that, he was ranting about the behavior of other drivers, and yesterday, he was criticizing the country’s transport system.

Obviously, Chris isn’t always a happy guy. You will never see him be happy about NOT experiencing heavy traffic for the day, that his vehicle is NOT giving him trouble or at least being thankful that he always comes home alive and safe.

The other day, he won a bet for $100. Instead of being joyful about it, he was dismayed that he didn’t go for a bigger amount. There was also this instance when he went shopping for a new pair of shoes and he got so stressed just because he couldn’t find the style that he wanted.

Complaining is part of his daily routine. Same crap every day. Until recently when he encountered a REAL problem with his vehicle. The transmission is overheating and according to the mechanic, it needs changing.

The cost of a new transmission isn’t a joke, right? And not only that, while he was by the mechanic’s place, he accidentally broke his right foot while walking down the ramp, no joke!

I guess by the end of that day, his complaints and grievances are starting to be valid.

Think before you speak.

Before you talk about your unhappiness, think how will it affect the people around you.

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Quit staring blankly & have a plan.

Take control and make things better. You can’t continue complaining about something when you’re not really doing anything about it, right?

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Stop blaming others for what’s happening to you. Take responsibility.

Pointing fingers will not help you move forward nor make your life better.

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You have a choice in everything you do.

Stop playing the victim all the time. Instead of panicking about the situation, stay cool and find a workaround.

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We often get stuck in a hamster wheel. We are doing everything, giving our best and exhausting all our energy and we are not moving forward.

Many of us are like Chris, who just raves about everything and never sees anything positive in his life.

Sometimes, we don’t get the things we want and we don’t measure up because we lack perspective.

Also, we should avoid comparing ourselves to other people whom we think are better than us. Instead, take a look at those who are less fortunate than us.

We have to learn to appreciate simple things and be thankful for everything that we have, as well as those things that we do not have like sickness and other problems that we don’t have to deal with.

Let’s not wait for something really bad to happen first before we realize that we are doing just fine.