This Is How You Can Always Look For the Good Even In the Worst Situations

Image by: PublicDomainPictures
By Alvin Martin

Every morning Adam’s wife would make him a cup of coffee, prepare him a good breakfast and kiss him goodbye before he left for work. He has never been happier in his life.

One day, while driving to work, he saw a man completely wasted tripping over his own feet and stumbling on the ground. It was his former best friend Charles.

Five years ago, Adam was in a similar place in his life; he was totally broken after his fiancé left him for Charles.

Charles and Adam became friends in grade school and growing up they were like brothers; they always had each other’s back and wherever one went the other followed.

When he started dating Ella, Adam’s friendship with Charles remained the same. Most of the time you’d see the three of them hanging out together; she was comfortable with Charles and Charles felt the same way.

When they would get into fights, Adam would want to be alone while he cleared his head, all awhile Charles would keep Ella company.

Until one day she broke up with Adam without telling him the reason why.

Confused and heartbroken, he decided to go on a vacation in the countryside to step away from all the stress.

Two weeks later, he came back to the city with his mind all made up to mend things with her and convince her to give their relationship another try.

Something was off though. Charles wasn’t picking up his phone and Ella’s number couldn’t be reached. So, he just decided to pay her a surprise visit.

When he arrived at her place he saw Charles’ car parked in front of her house.

Excited to see the two most important people in his life, he got out of his car to see the unsuspecting betrayal unfold right before his eyes.

His body froze as he saw them through the window, kissing and caressing each other. It hit him like a bucket of cold bricks.

It took Adam a long time to accept that his best friend stabbed him in the back, stole his girlfriend and shattered all of his plans.

But things are different now. Adam is now happily married to the love of his life. Charles, on the other hand is miserable because Ella did the same thing to him.

Things happen in ways that we may never understand, but you have to see the good in bad situations.

As kids, we are made to believe that if we keep on doing good things, good things would happen to us. What adults fail to mention is that it doesn’t guarantee that bad things won’t.

Though we can’t control certain things everything, we have the choice to interpret our experiences.

In “How Power Struggles Can Create Relationship Growth,” Betty Russell justifies that conflicts and disappointments can bring emotional maturity in any relationship.

The lessons you’ve learned from yourself and your partner serve as your path to happiness and long-lasting marriage.

Negative energy can be destructive only when you don’t know how to channel it to work against itself.

Instead of obsessing over the problem, harness the energy and transform it into something positive just like how most artists do it. They use strong emotions like rage, fear and disgust to fuel their passion and produce good music, paintings and performances.

The same thing happens with successful businessmen. Check this out – “13 Traits You Might Already Have in Common With Billionaires.”

They have experiences that may be similar to ours that made them what they are now. And #1 is my favorite:

“You can’t make a fortune without hitting a few bumps on the road.”

These billionaires didn’t start out that way, but they used their mistakes to lead them from point A to point B to point $$$.

Obstacles and failures help us become wiser. Bad things make us appreciate life more. So, instead of beating yourself up by wallowing on the negative, it’s best to stay focused on fixing the problem.

Discovering opportunities can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, it requires us to throw our old plans away and start over again.

We often see unplanned and unexpected changes as something bad so we tend to resist them. However, it is also possible that those long-term goals of ours are the ones holding us back from achieving amazing things.

In “Why You’ll Become More Successful Once You Realize Nothing is Permanent,” Jessica Moorhouse shares the major changes in her life that led her to success.

Sometimes, it’s best to just go with the flow and have an open mind rather than resist change.

Stepping out and trying new things can be very rewarding.

It’s okay to be adventurous especially in your sex life.

So, don’t freak out when your GF shows you a vibrator. Sex toys are for additional excitement and it doesn’t mean that you’re not doing your job.

To maximize its use, check this out – “How to Use a Vibrator During Sex. This would surely make your GF forget her name.

There is beauty in scars, lesson in every pain and joy in places you might never have thought to look. There will always be dark times, but always remember that after darkness, you learn to appreciate the light even more.