Learn to Appreciate the Things that Really Matter In Life By Detoxing From the Bad Ones

Image by: Olichel
By Mark Peters

When people talk about the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship, they picture something blissful, complete with singing birds and a choir of angelic voices.

That’s not completely true, at least not for me. I recently got married and I must confess that our relationship feels no different than it did before we tied the knot.

Let me be clear, we are happy, however, my wife and I both have demanding jobs. I have to admit that we don’t spend enough time with each other on weekdays. We barely find time to eat together!

But so far we’re doing fine and our combined incomes allow us to go on vacations and live comfortably. So as not to compromise our marriage, we agreed that weekends should be spent together, free from all the stress of office work.

Grocery shopping has always been a part of our weekend routine. There are many other stores in town, but we always come to this one particular place. Aside from having most of the stuff we need, there’s a very friendly store manager who never fails to smile and assist us named Jake.

Last weekend was a sad day in the grocery store though. While we were in the line checking out, I couldn’t help but ask the cashier where Jake was.

In her saddest voice, she told us that he passed away 2 days ago due to sudden cardiac arrest.

We were shocked! It’s just more proof that tragedy can strike at the most unexpected time.

When we went to his wake, we learned a few things about Jake from his wife. She told us that Jake was only 28, with no symptoms of heart disease and was generally a healthy man. He was just resting in the living room when it all happened.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one. I could only imagine how hard it must be for his wife and his children to cope with the grief.

That evening, I hugged my wife tighter than I ever have before. We then spent some time looking out the window and appreciating the beauty of life.

Change of lifestyle doesn’t always have to be radical.

Stress from things like financial hardships, unhealthy habits and work deadlines make us feel like crap. It is important that we take time to detox our life to jolt our mind and body back into shape.

Avoiding old habits and incorporating new ones in our daily routines can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t always have to be abrupt and extreme.

After getting out of a toxic relationship, for example, taking time to be alone, away from the dating scene is one of the most effective ways to deal with the break-up.

Detox your ex out of your life… at least for 3 months.

In “Why the No-Contact Rule is the Hardest Part of a Breakup,” writer Nick Bastion explains how having some alone time can give you a fresh perspective, help you move on, and find someone new.

Your body will surely thank you for cleansing your system and for dramatically shortening the breakup recovery period.

Another important aspect that we should pay attention to is the emotional impact of getting financially screwed.

Being in debt is an isolating experience and I may not be able to provide a tailored debt solution, but this article on how using plastic outweighs the drawbacks of using cash can provide enlightenment.

Keep your stash of cash & use your credit card instead.

Credit cards should be treated as a payment mechanism rather than a credit line. So if you really want to put your finances in order, you should pay down your credit card bills every month.

Facing all these problems can be really stressful, that’s why it’s good to hang out with friends.

Getting some emotional support from friends can help us see things from different viewpoints.

A little change in the environment and drinking with friends can be a breath of fresh air. However, there are times when we forget our limit and end up getting a hangover the next day.

To help you deal with that pounding headache and upset stomach, here are 4 drink recipes that will kick all those symptoms to the curb.

Overindulgence, no matter how universal, can only make you look lousy and terrible.

Stress can push us to overdo things and overindulge ourselves even though we know that it’s unhealthy. So, what if we finish a pint of Chunky Monkey? We’re only human, right?

Check this out – “How to Detox Your Skin After Overdoing the Alcohol, Sweets or Salt.” It also includes recommendations on how we can combat overindulgence beforehand.

Stress is one of the greatest factors that negatively affect our mental and physical health. However, simple lifestyle changes can give optimum results that could help us enjoy life more. It’s a tough path but if we are determined to get it done, there will be benefits to reap in the end.