What Is A Fat Loss Workout?

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By Yuri Elkaim

A fat loss workout is a workout that is designed with fat loss as its primary goal (just as a strength workout is designed to increase strength or a hypertrophy program is designed to build muscle). Generally, a fat loss workout will work your major muscle groups and completed three times a week.

In a fat loss program you will complete three sets of 10 repetitions. A fat loss workout also includes cardio work, which is best performed at a moderate to high intensity.

To get the best results from your fat loss workout, do the resistance exercises before your cardio. This encourages the body to use up your carbohydrate stores to fuel your resistance exercise, which then forces your body to use your use fat to fuel your cardio exercise.

There is always the new ‘Hollywood Diet’, that is usually the latest scam involving celebrities starving themselves thin. Science shows that diets that restrict calories can actually make it harder to lose fat and keep it off.

Benefits Of A Fat Loss Workout

In addition to helping you achieve your fat loss goals, your fat loss workout will also help you to build muscle and tone up. You’ll also experience other benefits such as having more energy, sleeping better and reducing your risk of lifestyle conditions.

The following workout can be done three times a week (with at least one day rest in-between). Perform the resistance exercises first, followed by the cardio exercise and finish with some stretching.

Resistance exercise:

Perform each exercise for 3 sets of 10 reps

Push ups (full or modified)

Leg press

Lat pull down with reverse grip (have your palms facing you when grip the bar)

Hamstring curls

Straight arm lat raises

Cable bicep curls, super set with cable tricep pushdowns


Roman chair

Medicine ball twist

Gym ball back extension


For the cardio section aim to workout at a moderate to high intensity. If you can, monitor your heart rate and adjust your speed and intensity so that your heart rate stays within 75 – 85% of your maximum heart rate (220 – minus your age).

Using an elliptical trainer, perform 3-5 minutes to help get your heart rate and make you puff. Next use an exercise bike and cycle for 15-45 minutes, keeping your heart rate at around 80%. When you are finished on the bike, use the treadmill for 10 minutes at a low intensity and speed to help bring your heart rate back down gently.

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By following this workout, you will create a toned, lean body and achieve your fat loss goals.

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