Internet Marketing Success – How Small Tweaks Can Result In Massive Profits

Image by: Thomas R. Stegelmann
By Fabian Tan

Have you ever heard of the ‘Butterfly Effect’? In a nutshell, it means the big differences that supposedly small happenings can cause. A minor occurrence can result in a massive difference in the final result of any event.

For example, in a tight 1-1 soccer game draw, what would have been the final score if the goalkeeper didn’t make that kick out into touch in the 6th minute? A seemingly minor occurrence like this may or may not have changed the final score of the game, but we’ll never know.

Similarly, the soccer game is full of minor events like the one just described. All of which affected the outcome of the game in some way.

That’s why you’ll always want to pay attention to the small things in your business. Keep a watchful eye on things that might not matter. They may blow up into something big that may affect your business.

A single keyword in your AdWords campaign can mean the difference between being in profits or taking a loss. A single change in your subject line for your email broadcast can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in profits or just measly results. That is why it is important for you to test and track what you do online so you can get a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t. You can know which small tweaks are making a positive impact, which ones don’t matter, and which ones are detrimental to your business

Employ the ‘Butterfly Effect’ in your business for a positive final result.

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