Bad Habits Starting to Form At Work? Here’s 4 Things that Will Give Your Work Ethic a Turnaround!

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Image by: By Mikey G Ottawa
By Richard K. Noots

The daily grind of life can be taxing to one’s psyche. The endless mishmash of paper work, non-stop customer needs, or insurmountable amounts of labor that has to get done are sentiments everyone can despise. No matter what your job, the stress puts the same toll on your body. Not to mention the fact that just to exist in our day and age you have to put in at least forty hours a week for a means to live.

All of this added up means it can be difficult to get out of bed every single day.

There is a trick though, even if you hate your job. It requires a slight change of perspective and a little extra work on top of your day-to-day, but you can’t put a price on satisfaction. Following these tips listed below might just give you a better outlook, and make those Monday mornings a bit easier to swallow.

#1) There Is a Silver Lining

First off, let’s talk about that perspective change. If things aren’t going your way, try and remember the basics about life. You’re still alive, which is more than at least 99 billion other people can say right now. You’re healthy and well-fed, with a roof over your head. Just having internet access puts you ahead of over half the current population in terms of accessing anything you need.

I’m not saying you have to be happy just because you’re better off than most people. We have a tendency to get lost in our problems and lose sight of what’s truly important. Don’t look at it as more work when you go to your job, look at it as a challenge. When you put your heart into something, you feel good even if it’s a little shoddy. That’s why kids are so damn proud of those crappy macaroni art pieces.

If you pull a twelve hour day, don’t be mad at your job. Instead feel like a beast because who else could’ve handled that, but you? Advice about being more optimistic is a dime a dozen, but it’s prevalent for a reason. Having a positive outlook can even make you live longer.

#2) Appreciate Yourself

Ambitious people can also be their own worst enemy. Stare into a mirror long enough and you can find someone to hate. Give yourself a pat on the back once and while. Treat yourself after a hard day with something you love to do.

The benefits of doing something truly noteworthy are usually only seen postmortem. The only real acclaim that matters is what you and those close to you give. It’s easy to lose sight of the little things you do that make life bearable.

#3) Don’t Be Afraid to Be Lazy

Maybe you’re just too tired or unmotivated for work no matter what you do. If so, it’s okay to skim a little of your usual work day. Do the easiest stuff at work first, avoid your bosses or maybe just autopilot your day away. Take a few hours when you get home to just lay around and do nothing.

Your brain gets tired, so let it relax. The human brain is working for at least sixteen hours a day nonstop. Try not to barrage it all day with unnecessary stressors where it can be avoided.

#4) Leave Work at Work

Seriously, do yourself a favor and don’t worry about one single problem or person at your job once you’re clocked out. It will all be there when you get back, and you can’t solve anything telepathically. If your job necessitates you bringing it home, or home is your work station, schedule it. Outline on paper or in your head a work schedule that you abide by. Generally speaking it’s best to get things done as early as possible, but use a schedule that you will stick to.

Not every day can be great, but every day doesn’t haven’t to be miserable either. If these simple tips aren’t enough, you might have to consider some serious change in your life as well. Whatever your job is, it’s essentially a portion of your life’s work. If it makes you unhappy, do your best to find something that’s at least tolerable.

It’s always worth it to go for a job that’s more to your liking, simply because you’ll have a much easier time doing it.

You’re the only one truly in charge of the direction your life takes. Climbing out of a bad rut can be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish, but you don’t need me to tell you the reward will be priceless. Just remember to be happy as long as you can still put one foot ahead of the other.

What drives you to go to work everyday?  What are some ways you like to make it easier to go back everyday?  Share your stories please!