With His Body Camera Rolling, This Guy Takes You With Him On His World Record Leap


By Anne Cacherell

Taking high-risks to do dangerous and life-threatening things defies logic and reason. These daredevils feel the need for speed, an adrenaline rush and the thrill of doing the extremes. Meet Laso Schaller, the canyoneer and high-diver who sets a world record for the highest cliff-jump as he leaps from a 192-foot waterfall, taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, down into 26-feet deep water.

Living his life on the edge and on brief moments of ecstasy, this 27-year-old Brazilian-born thrill seeker completed the challenge from the Cascata del Salto waterfall in Switzerland. Going down at 76mph speed, he spent 3.5 seconds free falling.

This production is made possible by SRF Swiss Television and Red Bull Media House. Get ready to be at an all-time high by watching this video.

Do you find Schaller’s achievement impressive? Why do you think some people like to take risks? Tell us about the most dangerous activity or stunt you’ve ever done.