The Health Benefits Of Fruit Juice

Image by: Paul Swansen
By Kurt Garrity

Millions of Americans drink juice everyday. But that’s not some big revelation, now is it? Humans need fluids. Humans need fruit. Juice is both a fluid and a fruit – a big multitasking gulp of nature’s goodness. How convenient is that?

And the stuff is delicious. Every juice is unique. Some, we have to add sugar because they aren’t sweet enough. Others are smashed and fermented until they make a poison that we drink for recreation (and get some health benefits to boot, imagine that).

Then there are the ones we freeze to death in concentrated form and bring back to life Frankenstein style.

Monster Thirsty, He Want Juice.

In general, fruit juice is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients our bodies need. The most famous is probably vitamin C, which is a miracle healer in and of itself. Next time your are feeling sick, blast your system with C and see what happens. You’ll be dancing Gangnam Style in no time.

But here’s where it gets fun and interesting – each fruit has its own signature effect on the human body. Some are loaded with cancer fighters, others help with urinary track infections. And juice or “juicing” is fast becoming the quick weight loss tool of choice. So pucker up, fatty.

Fruit is literally like a pharmacy that grows on trees. It is also a pharmacy that is sold out of the back of trucks and at farmer’s markets across the country … hmmm. So, juicers, I guess that makes you fruit pharmacists … compounding your morning medicinal mixes in a blender. Except, instead of a white lab coat, you are creating miracle drugs in a bath robe.

Yes, I said drugs. Deal with it.

You Lika Da Juice? The Juice Is Good

There’s a reason why that glass of juice is so satisfying – because it is. That jolt of juice is quenching the cravings of the body one acidic, pulpy bottle at a time.

You want energy? The sugar gives you a boost much like those famed Snickers bars, but in a much healthier way. Other nutrients in juice have also be shown to give you a pick me up. Pectin, found in many fruits, is a fiber that helps flush out toxins from the digestive tract, allowing your system to run at optimal levels.

Meaning, you’ll no longer be full of …