Pinterest Is Now Business-Friendly: 4 Ways To Capitalize

Image by: Bunches and Bits {Karina}
By Gordon J. Pruitt

Just like Facebook, Pinterest started small but has exploded onto the social media scene and is now a bona fide powerhouse. How big? It was reported that last month, the site clocked 421 million page views. That is a serious number, gentlemen.

But Pinterest is different than Facebook in a sense, as the engine here is the sharing of photos on the web. And not just your photos, but photos that you just happen to like from other sites you’ve visited. Pinterest has been likened to a worldwide scrapbook. That’s a pretty good description.

While one would logically think sharing photos in this manner would be the province of personal expression, I would beg you to think again.

Pinterest just unleashed the world of business on its members after keeping commerce at bay for a long time, meaning there is now another outlet for you to promote and build interest for your business venture. But how do you use it to your advantage?

Here are four ways to get the most out Pinterest for your business:

1 – Great Photos! Great Photos! Great Photos!

Bottom line: your photos have to be good to gain traction with viewers. Pinterest crawlers are influenced by the pretty pictures they see, and the better the pic, the more chance they’ll click that link and explore a purchase.

2 – Build Exclusivity

Pinterest is also novel in that you must be invited into its circle of trust. Use that exclusivity to your advantage by building your brand’s stature as a quality, hip product people will want to be associated with.

3 – Offer Your Product Or Service As Part Of A Solution Board

If your business is all about selling e-Books on home repair, start a specific board about fixing leaky faucets. Don’t be afraid to pin pics from some others in the business – just make sure your photos are better.

4 – Use Pinterest To Reach Women

If your product or service is aimed toward the ladies, Pinterest is your new BFF. Thanks to a snazzy design and ease of use – not to mention the scrapbooking thing – the site is overloaded with women visitors.

That’s right … on Pinterest, every night is ladies’ night.