Struggling to Get Out of Bed? 5 Tips that Will Finally Help You Become a Morning Person

Image by: Vic
By: Todd Downey

We all know that crawling out of bed at the crack of dawn can be extremely difficult, especially if you spend most of your days logging in full-time hours at work. The thought of repeating that process for as many as five or six days out of the week can take a stressful toll on both the mind and body. We set our alarm clocks with good faith that we’ll be able to drag ourselves up, but often times that dream we were having about Jessica Alba was so engrossing that we grasp our pillows with desperation for a return to the world of unconsciousness.

But as comfortable as your fancy duvet may be, if you want to keep a roof over your head and keep your car from being repossessed, you might want to work on some ways to stay upbeat during those bright, tired mornings. Here are just a few methods for you to consider the night before that will aid you in your desire for a productive morning free of dreams, pillows, and unfortunately, Jessica Alba.

#1) Cold Shower

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a nice freezing shower. You may be tentative and will find it extremely unpleasant at first, but the entire purpose is to stimulate the “shock therapy” act that will leave you at full alert mode. When your core temperature is at a consistent level and gets presented with outside stimuli that threatens to reduce that temperature, your body will go into a defense mode and every single muscle in your body will contract—or recoil to the outside influence.

This will put you in something similar to a fight or flight mode and will have you at full alert. Granted, this method is a little extreme, but if you live an extreme lifestyle this method will suit you quite nicely.

#2) Coffee

Now, I’m not advocating drug use (coffee is considered a drug) but if used in moderation for its intended purpose then you may see an increase in your ability to withstand the harsh morning hours than you ever have before. Of course, it’s no secret that coffee can be effective when aiding you in getting through your morning routine, as most Americans are coffee drinkers.

But if you’re having problems waking up and find yourself in the 1%  then the smell of fresh folders might keep you static.

#3) Multiple Alarm Clocks

Why use one alarm clock when you can use two? Hell, why not go ahead and use three or four. You may be thinking—whats the point in having two alarm clocks? But any person who has ineffectively tried to use the alarm clock method knows that it typically serves as nothing more than a minor nuisance in the morning rather than a tool you can use to wake up.

Like in the movies, most people just roll over from their comfortable supine position and tap the button without a second thought. I was this person, until I decided to stock up on alarms, setting them literally one minute after another. Good candidates include the television, to which you can program to turn on at your favorite channel at any designated time; your cellular phone, to which you can program the most obnoxious ring tone; and your microwave (depending on if it has that feature)

With all these tools performing a technological orchestra, it will be extremely hard for you to withstand the blaring.

#4) Have Your Girlfriend Call You

What better way to wake up than the sound a woman’s voice? Depending on what type of girl she is, she might be flattered at the fact that you want to use her as your personal alarm clock. Not only will this be a good method for waking you up during your busy days, but this will also be a good indicator as to where you stand in your relationship.

If she’s actually willing to call you every single morning and greet you with a friendly (or lustful) voice, then that would essentially prove that she loves you enough to execute the act on a regular basis. On the other hand, if she scoffs at you, finds the idea ridiculous or refuses to do it, you may want to re evaluate how much you think she actually cares about you.

#5) Go to Bed Earlier

It may be asking a lot for you to reminisce upon your strict 8:30 bed time when you were a child, but there was a reason your parents made you clock in early: so they wouldn’t have to be the ones to wake you up at the crack of dawn, as they were probably sleeping in from a long night of supplying you with potential little brothers and sisters. Alright, I apologize for that image, but hey…it’s probably the truth.

The bottom line is the earlier you go to sleep, the earlier your body will be able to tolerate lifting itself from the warm, dreamy cloud that is your bed. You may find you forcing yourself to go to sleep at first, but once you stick to a set “bed time” routine your body will eventually adapt.

Have you successfully used any of the ‘wake up’ methods presented above? Tell us all about how you manage to overcome your morning fantasies with select celebrities and we’ll do the same in return!