STOP faking it!

We all know the old saying.

Fake it till you make it. And in some of the industries that I’m in, offices are RIFE with people doing just that. Pretending they know what they don’t. Getting in early every day for no reason and with no direction. A crying waste of energy.

I mean I get it, sometimes it yield’s dividends. Making out you’re a bigger company than you are to turn prospects, pretending that you’re less nervous than you actually are. But it only works if you actively plan to stop faking it. You combine it with intent to learn, observe and improve.

Every day I see people getting hyped up on buzzwords and sentiments echoed from various mentors, coaches, authors, bloggers, systems. And let’s make this very clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being your own hype-man, fully embracing concepts for change.

But what I will ask you to truly think about, is whether you are living up to your hype? Are you truly taking in whatever your new mantra is and not only loving it but living it, each and every second?

I see many preaching about the importance of disciple, the transformative power of commitment and process and more – but – the same people then take half-measures and promote themselves as being at the destination – or using the current amount of progress to justify a journey that is continuing.

Most of us have done it – I know I have

How many of you have decided to be ‘all about your business’ but waste time procrastinating? Go through the motions of getting up every morning but in reality letting social media posts, news stories and general distractions slow your process?

How many of you have started a “new year, new me” diet but find yourself skipping workouts or sneaking sugary snacks?

How many people have started a business or even a course and rather than structure and plan their time and truly apply sheer focus in the allotted time?

The concept of change, process, motivation.. the true investment required is often so undersold that it’s not even funny and the risk is that you arrive at a half-way house that takes even more time and causes even more frustration.

Do you really have a plan?

Think about it. Let’s say your goal in 2023 is to end up winning a boxing match. Some will take to their socials to share their goal. Others will buy new bags, gloves, shorts and shoes. A few will sign up to a boxing gym and others will simply watch Rocky while their goal fritters away. But in reality the one that succeeds is the one that tears down their habits and rebuilds every part of their vehicle. They seek out training, they do research, they might get a full time trainer for accountability and progress. They learn that the key to their success will not be how quickly they get their first fight, but how many times they keep fighting if they loose. How hard they train outside of the ring, how dedicated they are to their dream.

Faking it, putting in minimum effort for maximum output, simply won’t cut it.

And I don’t site here on a leathery pedestal meaning to diminish anyone’s journey. I’ve been guilty of it in the past. Calling myself an entrepreneur but only being 50% there. Making the right sounds, building websites, calling myself self employed.

Truth is, it took a while before I really started to make progress. And it wasn’t through posting memes and having a home office. It was only when I started living and breathing my goals and dreams. Committing to my vision, structuring my days, being critical of my habits and goals that progress became exponential.

Periods where I’d previously freeze, continue waking up early and not making progress due to hurdles ahead had to be exchanged for recognising fatigue and structuring tasks to suit.

So whilst you set some goals for the year ahead, take no half measures. Throw yourself in with unwavering dedication, a mindset of quitting only when the mountain is climbed – and turning your whole self to your ambitions.

Power to you.