Entrepreneurship isn’t just for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship isn’t just for entrepreneurs

I always knew, felt that a life of entrepreneurship was the only one that fit me. The only time I felt a spark, was in breaking out of what I found mundane. Helping people. Getting creative.

Some will get it, some won’t. BUT.

There were days where I wanted to say screw the day job, I’m going out on my own. But one thing was clear and that was that the day job could lead me to a point in life where I would have a firm base – a springboard that could support my wider dreams.

Sure, if I knew then what I know now, I would likely have had a lot of successes that were harder to come by later as the world became a lot smaller. I lost a lot of opportunities.

But in grinding out the years, I came to the realisation. Entrepreneurism, is a mindset and a lifestyle. But many of the principles of an entrepreneurial mindset are closely reflected in the principles of healthy, happy life.

More-so, it’s important to remember to ask at the core of it – what is an Entrepreneur in the first place?

The wide definition is commonly that an Entrepreneur is a person that takes on the process of creating a business – bearing the risks (particularly financially) associated with doing so in hope of a profit. Now, many would be quick to change their linked-in job role to ‘entrepreneur’ after they start a drop shipping website, but in the absence of financial commitment in the form of stock or advertising investment as a basic example; are you? Or are you simply falling into the instant gratification trap.

It’s a commitment that many dip their toes into without truly, deeply believing their existence.

It’s all a staying game and your cheat code is in your mindset.

But first, a rant.

Life’s all about swallowing tough pills, and the toughest was that, to cut to the chase, a lot of what of the Matrix we’ve been plunged into, is frankly, all bullshit.

I hated school. Well ok that’s a little extreme. But I was certainly in a constant state of disenchantment with it from a young age. It genuinely bored me to tears. From young until the age of 16 – 18, depending on when you decide to tap out, we are taught some supposedly common truths. Some on a basic level are innocent enough aren’t they?

How to read, how to write. How to count, bullying is wrong. All wholesome stuff.

But to me, the idea that after some 15 years in the education system, I can come out of the other end – expected to become a useful cog in the societal machine is frankly, fucking bonkers.

Sure, I had a firm grip on some chemical compounds, and the thoughts of some dude named Pythagoras – but it takes a while before you can appreciate the gravity of having zero understanding compound interest, no concept of inflation, not understanding the political processes and parties in the land I live in, nothing about relationships, mindset, entrepreneurism or the real world.

My mother and father were polar opposites. Dad, a bit of a gambler, an entrepreneur albeit with bi-polarity in his successes. Mum, much more of a work a job or two, take a pension, hopefully take the odd promotion and retire in your 3-bed semi-detached house with your life-long fruits.

You don’t even get taught the importance of a credit score or how to change a tyre for god’s sake.

The “system” breeds a pathway to limited, level-headed possibilities, consigning great accomplishments to the work of dreams and fantasy. And I’m not even just talking about becoming rich and famous. A Successful life to some is having a stable job, leaving work 5pm

What’s worse is that in the modern age where freedom only ever feels a google-search away, we have the advent of social media absolutely bombarding us with a different way. The hilarious thing is that so many of these ads wait for you to put your foot on the snare. The trap springs and you’re deep in to a funnel, being told about how the perpetrator was just like you and then they discovered their secret system to generating hundreds of thousands and millions in a blink of an eye. And of course, they’re going to let you in to their secret for a greatly reduced fee.

Let me tell you, getting rich quick can happen. But only by the virtue of serendipity or hard fucking work. Otherwise why wouldn’t everyone be rolling around in Rolls Royces and living in 6-acre homes?

Chances are, if you are paying through the nose for a course, there’s a high likelihood that you’re fuelling someone’s dreams in the hope they will tell you how to a secret to live yours. The market is FLOODED with get rich quick schemes that are quickly outdated, barely worked, or involved a seldom repeated level of luck and fortune that thrusts them into unobtanium.

The system is broken and, in a day, and age where we are bombarded with the successes of so-called influencers and gurus, it’s important as ever to calibrate what you want out of life and how you can tune your mindset to focus on it.

This continual siege on our attention through slick-talking adverts and drawing doesn’t just take our focus away from the fact that the largest component of our success is largely what lies within; but they also have the sheer audacity to dictate to us what freedom should actually look like to us.

I’ve seen people strive for Ferraris who don’t even like cars. People convinced they want a Rolex who don’t even wear watches. People obsessed with owning a mansion, who never want kids, hate cleaning, and get lonely.

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